Herbal & Equipment  Order Page

Many of you have requested access to the herbs used in the Herbal Formula's taught in Volume 1 for increasing energy, weight loss, workout recovery etc.  Many of these herbs and  formula's may be available locally, however:

  1. The herbs themselves may not actually be what's printed on the label and
  2. Can contain dangerous chemicals and herbs
  3. If they are the right herbs they are likely cheap, and of poor potency

As such I have selection of the herbs I use myself and prescribe to my patients below. The herbs I use are under strict EU law and guidelines and as such are of the highest standard in terms of efficacy and safety. Please note, however, these are prescribed internal medicines, and as such this page IS NOT publicly assessable.

If you wish to order any of the following, please contact me via the form on my Acupuncture Clinic site.

  • San Huan San 100g = €54 / $59  +shipping
  • Die de wan 100g = €22 / $24 +shipping
  • Die Dai Jiu 100g = €54 / $59  +shipping
  • Tendon Relaxing Soak 100g = €54 / $59  +shipping
  • Blood Stasis Formula 100g = €54 / $59  +shipping
  • Rib Fracture Formula 100g = €54 / $59  +shipping
  • Shi Quan Da Bu Tang 100g = €44 / $48 +shipping

Self Defence Equipment

  • Titanium Self Defence Pen with Evidence Collector - Coming Soon
  • Multi-tool  - Coming Soon
  • Credit Card Knife - Coming Soon
  • Paracord Bracelet with Whistle - Coming Soon