Happy New Year Part 2...

Many Happy (Batman) Returns!

New Project - Sneak Peak

So...a few big announcements before today's surprise. In 2022 I'll be launching a series of new books and programs. Specifically, (all at different stages):

  • A Rapid weight loss and body re-composition program specifically for the over 40's. The reality of life is training in your 20's and 30's is a LOT different to training in your 40's and above. There are unique challenges to be faced from hormonal changes and imbalances to heart and health issues, and the damage done by the exuberance of youth. Suffice to say they way I trained when I first developed my programs is different to how I structure my training today as a 40 year old man with different focuses and goals. The methods I used then, simply don't work as well or are contraindicated for me now - so I've had to adapt my training to develop a a program that produces the same if not better results than my youth, but in a manner that suits who I am now and the challenges I face.
  • The Secrets of Stress Management- this is based on the same incredibly effective methods that have helped me through 3 intense and lengthy high-cost legal cases spanning over 9 years! A life-altering accident! A devastating worse-case scenario medical diagnosis! The pressures of running 3 successful businesses. Dealing with life and death medical cases and so much more. These are proven techniques, not just for me but for hundreds of my patients who I have guided and supported through the most stressful times imaginable, including miscarriage, stillbirths, infertility, chronic long term illness, terminal cancer and more. It works for them and at this time, with what we have all been confronted with in the last 2 years with the pandemic, I think this could be profoundly important information to share with you.
  • Super Sleep - the last 2 years has seen a staggering increase in the amount of insomnia, including orthroinsomnia (insomnia  caused by stressing over not sleeping well!) presenting in my clinic. Thankfully I have developed a simple, effective program for promoting super sleep based on traditional eastern medicine and the most cutting edge western science that leaves you recharged, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world!
  • The Isometric Breath - a deep dive into the breathing methods I use in my Isometric, Calisthenics, Martial Arts, and Meditative Practices. Designed to systematically take you from disordered breathing to breath work master.
  • The Shaping Staff - this is mental, completely mental, but one of the toughest, most invigorating workouts and training methods I've been working with the last few years has been in my study of a 400 + year old martial art called Shinto Muso Ryu Jojutsu. And buried, deep within the teachings of this martial art I found an entire fitness, stretching and joint mobility program used by the samurai and the Japanese Police forces - I've updated this program and adjusted some of the contraindicated methods (you don't want to compress your spinal nerves right?) to create a comprehensive high intensity workout system incorporating  HIIT Cardio, Calisthenics, Joint Mobility and stretching techniques within traditional martial arts and practical self defense techniques. To be honest, I just have a crazy amount of fun doing this workout in about 10-15 mins each day.

I also have a range of medical text books and programs in development (and some fully complete and ready to go!) including;

  • Managing Multiple Sclerosis. I started writing this program 16 years ago. A complete guide to achieving NEDA state (No Evidence of Disease Activity  - the closest thing Western medicine will say to cured). It is the basis of how I kept my wife's MS under complete control and symptom free for over 10 years...and how I've done the same for dozens of MS patients since and now...for myself!
  •  How to Build Super Sperm! I work each week with men diagnosed with slow swimmers, badly shaped sperm, low volume, low count and corrupted DNA. It's a scary subject for a lot of men. But I know how to fix Male infertility and have brought men as low as 10% motility to 95% in a matter of weeks. In this guide I'm going to reveal how to boost your testosterone levels, and keep your hormones happy, not just for your reproductive health but so that you can enjoy the health and vitality you deserve!
  • Putting PCOS in the Past - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal-imbalance nightmare. Affecting up to 1 in 5 women around the world of childbearing age, this common condition is deemed incurable by conventional medicine. PCOS can lead to: Dramatic weight gain, that seems impossible to shift no matter what diet or exercise regime you try; Irregular and Painful Periods. A constant sense of uncertainty and a lack of confidence in the body; Fatigue and lack of energy. No matter how much you’ve rested you still feel like you’re dragging yourself through the day; Low mood and depression, due to excess levels of estrogen and other hormone imbalances; Acne and excess facial and body hair, (and being quick to anger) thanks to an unhealthy surge in male sex hormones like testosterone (yes, women have this too!); Missed Ovulation and Fertility problems, in fact, PCOS is the leading cause of infertility I see (and fix!) in my clinic.

Over time PCOS also increases the risks of: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Sleep apnea and even Endometrial Cancer...just to name a few. Western Medicine currently has no cure, and no treatment plan. Thankfully, I do. And in this program I going to share with you the complete protocols, nutrition, acupressure, herbs, exercise and hormonal balancing techniques needed to achieve a clinically proven “89.7% effective treatment rate”.

  • Before IVF - In 2004 a study collected the results of 52 countries, and 2,184 fertility clinics. The live birth rate was 20.2%. Obviously this is terrible. Patients have the expectation that they will conceive with one cycle of the IVF. But that is rarely the case. In fact, research shows that women, especially those over 35, will require multiple IVF cycles, in some cases up to 10 cycles of treatment! In the US, an average “fresh” IVF cycle costs $12,000, before medications, which typically run another $3,000 to $5,000. Any some women are expected to do this up to 10 times? It’s appalling....and there is a BETTER WAY! I spend a lot of my time in clinic supporting patients going through IVF, IUI and ICSI. Most importantly however I address the underlying factors preventing them conceiving and fix these issues - issues that IVF clinics don’t care about or don’t know about. I discover why IVF didn’t work and I resolve it. This has led to a live birth rate in my clinic of 82%+. And my book, “Before IVF”, shows you exactly how I do that. And we do it without the horrific side effects of IVF.
  • How to Enhance Egg Health - A 90-Day Proven program to "vastly increase the production of blood and nourishment of the follicles". (Anderson BJ, Haimovici F, Ginsburg ES, et al. "In vitro fertilization and acupuncture: clinical efficacy and mechanism basis". Altern The Health Med 2007; 13: 38-48). In this guide, I'm going to show you how I do this with my clients using nutrition, herbs, supplements, special exercise and massage techniques, acupressure and more, so they can build better egg health and quality in 90 days and have the babies that they have been told they will never have. Follow this template and you could do the same. 🙂
  • and more...

So, as you can see, I am going to be REALLY busy this year...But enough about the future...it's time for the present.

I thought long and hard about sharing this with you all. In fact, this is not public at all yet, and I am going to ask that you keep it that way. Don't share this link (What online coach has ever said that??!!!). But I'm serious. This is just for you folks. You'll see why in a moment.

What you are about to watch is a short 7-minute pilot for a feature length documentary that I was approached about. The subject matter is about a deeply personal journey; from being a weak, scrawny child, to becoming superhuman strong, of facing existential crisis, of being broken, of overcoming injury and chronic illness and the importance of passing on the lessons hard endured and learned.

It's a very personal, intimate look...

At me.

I have NEVER been this vulnerable and open. But I want to share this with you, because I want you to know I've been where you have been, where you still may be. I have been weak. I've been skinny. I've been obese. I've been depressed. I've been chronically ill. I've been horrifically injured. I've had that long night of the soul.

And I've clawed my way out of the pit. Made the climb. I can help you do the same.

So I want you to understand where I was, what happened...for what comes next.

If you'd like to share your thoughts with me having watched this, I'd appreciate your insights. You can contact me here