They say you can’t build mass with isometrics. They say you can’t build big muscles…. they’re wrong…….

If You Can Hold 4 Simple Positions for as Little 7-12 Seconds Just Once a Week I Can Show You How to Add Over 24lbs of Rock Hard Muscle to Your Body in Under 4 Weeks!

My Name is Paul Batman O’Brien and I Used To Be A Weak “Nice Guy” with Wet Noodle Arms and a Pot Belly…who was “friends” with All the Girls and Pushed Around By All the Guys

Not Anymore...

Don’t believe me? Just look at the picture of me below…and yes, that’s me to the right. I went from being a skinny potbellied weakling to a Massive Muscled Strongman in JUST 10 WEEKS with only SECONDS of exercise that I did IN SECRET at home. 

On this page, you’re going to discover how…

I Went from this guy…

..to this guy…

To HULK sized Muscled…

…And Got this Girl!

And I Want To Do The Same Thing For You

The truth of the matter is I went from being a skinny, weak, unfit, flabby bellied loser to:

  • Building a perfect aesthetically balanced physique in 7 weeks
  • Blowing that out of the water by adding another 24lbs of rock-solid muscle to my frame in 3 weeks
  • Developing staggering strength than impressed both men and women
  • Developing incredibly confidence that transformed my life and more…

I literally used to be the skinny nerd that everyone picked on. In school, I was beaten up nearly every day. I was miserable – but I realized the only person who can do something about it was ME. And the only person that can change you is YOU.

But I can show you HOW. 

As many of your know, I dedicated myself to martial arts and in order to be a better karateka, I became obsessed with getting in the best shape possible. So I did the logical thing and professionally trained as a fitness instructor and personal trainer…I didn’t find the answers there though…I mostly found what I would later learn were outright lies and mistruths.

And of course, that left me disappointed.

I’m sure you know how I felt.

How many fitness programs, how many training protocols, nutritional supplements and more have you tried to reach your goals?  


I read everything I could find on getting in shape, building muscle, getting fit, losing weight, and gaining confidence. I tried literally every workout, diet, and self-help program you can imagine.  At one point I got so desperate to add size I took supplements like Creatine and even those muscle gel rubs that’s were advertised in all the fitness mags a few years back that would pump up your muscles to a ridiculous size overnight!

What a bunch of crap that was!

It’s amazing what you will try when you want something bad enough.

Over those years I made a lot of stupid mistakes, sustained a lot of injuries, and fumbled around in the darkness – DESPITE BEING  a “fitness professional” – those techniques just taught me to get small results to keep members in the gym but never really produce results. In the end, all I really figured out was the wrong way to train. But one day that all changed…

The Secret to Rapid Muscle Mass FINALLY Revealed

I was pretty much at my wits-end. I was an exhausted professional fitness instructor and gym trainer. I was wrecked from my shift work. I didn’t have time to train. I was meant to be an example of fitness and health and was by far in the worst shape of my life. I was tired, weak, sick constantly and I’ll admit depressed. The only abs training I was getting was sucking in my podgy gut in front of new gym clients. And I hated my job. Not only was it killing me, but I was selling a fitness lifestyle that just wasn’t true.

I didn’t know what to do…but I was incredibly lucky, I had resources and opportunities that most people simply don’t. I trained in the martial arts under one of the best Sensei (martial arts instructor) in the world. And I trained obsessively. The martial arts began to chip away at my body, revealing hardened muscle…but more than that my Sensei encouraged me to apply my best weapon, my mind, to any problem – and I started with my body.

I went back to the kata, the ancient forms of solo martial arts training, and examined the principles contained therein and discovered the ancient secrets of muscle an strength building. I threw myself into a study of the body. I devoured books on physiology, I consumed biology texts and studied nutritional science. I developed methods, tested them, took what was useful discarded what had been disproved. I studied the old-time strongmen’s techniques and discovered lost training methods in old dusty bookshops. I discovered Isometrics!

I had finally Cracked the Code...

I immediately set on an experiment…one that would change the way I trained FOREVER. Over the course of 7 weeks, I engaged in a revolutionary new system of training I developed, one based on the strength training elements of the ancient martial arts masters, the legendary methods of old time supermen and cutting edge scientific research – and in 7 weeks I added over 30lbs of lean muscle to my frame and COMPLETELY rebuilt my body.

Not only did this transformation radically alter my physical appearance and give me the lean muscled physique I’d longed for, but it also gave me near-superhuman strength. I was able to tear phonebooks into with my bare hands, I was able to lift colossal amounts of weight and lift grown men overhead with one arm. And years later I founded Isometric-Training.com and published 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body, my 250-page Isometric Training Guide. The very same system I used to build my new body and new strength…

….but that wasn’t the whole story. There was a secret I was keeping…

I didn’t stop my Perfect Body Transformation at week 7…I kept going, but with a new goal in mind.

I wanted to get even bigger. I wanted to add EVEN MORE muscle…I Wanted to Maximize My Results. WARNING – THIS IS AN ADVANCED PROGRAM, a sequel to Perfect Body…if you haven’t mastered Perfect Body first you won’t have a hope of making it through this one.

I didn’t know what to do…but I was incredibly lucky, I had resources and opportunities that most people simply don’t. I trained in the martial arts under one of the best Sensei (martial arts instructor) in the world. And I trained obsessively. The martial arts began to chip away at my body, revealing hardened muscle…but more than that my Sensei encouraged me to apply my best weapon, my mind, to any problem – and I started with my body.

I went back to the kata, the ancient forms of solo martial arts training, and examined the principles contained therein and discovered the ancient secrets of muscle an strength building. I threw myself into a study of the body. I devoured books on physiology, I consumed biology texts and studied nutritional science. I developed methods, tested them, took what was useful discarded what had been disproved. I studied the old-time strongmen’s techniques and discovered lost training methods in old dusty bookshops. I discovered Isometrics!


My Exclusive Method for Adding Inches and Packing on Pounds of Rock Hard Muscle in a Matter of Minutes....

                  Massive Muscle in Minutes

In Just 7 Weeks I went from skinny and scrawny to lean, toned, and muscled. At that point, it is nearly impossible to gain more size, but I didn’t just gain some additional size I blasted it out of the park – I nearly put on ANOTHER 24LBS of muscle in 3 Weeks – HALF the time it took for initial transformation.

That’s simply not possible – unless you had done the research I had, drawn the same conclusions and done what I did…but no one had, and no one’s done it since…EXCEPT those that I’ve trained personally.

I got SO BIG and SO MUSCULAR that after only 3 weeks using my Maximetrics protocol I stopped!

That's right, this program so effective (after I had already put on a ton of muscle) I had to stop doing it. Now don't get me wrong, this is an INTENSE WORKOUT. I routinely needed to psych myself up to do this, to even attempt this. But that's not why stopped.

I stopped because:

  • I weighed in at 184lbs of lean, massive muscle.
  • My chest was now 42 inches thick – my shirts sadly were bought for a person with a 36-inch chest. I was literally tearing the seems of my shirts.
  • I spent a small fortune on new clothes because the extra 3 inches on my thighs split my jeans.
  • My biceps ballooned to over 17 inches.
  • My neck was surrounded by my massive traps (that would later save my life!)

Honestly, I was scared and worried. Scared I’d gotten TOO BIG, scared that people would think I was some kind of steroid taking freak – and I didn’t want that. I wanted people to see the Perfect Body system for what it was – a system that ANYONE CAN USE to get in GREAT SHAPE.

But I know now that some people out there felt like I did then. They want to pack on the pounds. To get big, thick powerful muscles.

Well if that’s what you want I can show you how…but as I say, this is an advanced program, one that even experienced bodybuilders are blown away by…

Tougher Than Any Weight-lifting Workout You Can Do!

Unsolicited comments on a Facebook group from a Maximetrics trainee

Here's What the Maximetrics Method Is All About and How It Works...

By now you’re probably wondering just what in the heck the Maximetrics Protocol is.

Simply put, Maximetrics will:

  • Dramatically Increase Your Muscle Mass
  • Staggeringly Increase Your Strength
  • Reveal and Refine Your Inner Mental Strength
  • Exponentially increase your confidence…
  • Give you the ESSENTIAL tools to Manifest ANY Reality (I’m not kidding – part of this program reveals my key mindset techniques – the same ones I’ve used to create not just a fitness empire, but MULTIPLE successful businesses and live a lifestyle most only dream about – this one section alone will drastically change your life)
  • Increase stamina not only in the gym but between the sheets…
  • Recover Rapidly from any injury

These are among not only the holy grail's of fitness and strength training but among the keys to a staggeringly successful life. This is the type of body, the type of life YOU DESERVE! Now, all you need to do to have it is to get your lazy ass in shape!

That’s right, I said you need to put in a superhuman effort and start doing things like:

  • Joining your local meat-head right this minute.…
  • Do AT LEAST 2 hours of cardio every day (preferably more)…
  • Consistently lift heavy dangerous weights 7 days a week…
  • Drink dozens of raw eggs and limit your food to supplements and expensive milkshakes!

“….without doubt, the most thorough treatise on advanced training I have ever read. What you have given us is sensational.”

“..using your techniques for about 3 months and have gained 14 pounds of muscle so far”.

“Wow, amazing course Paul….. you are a real inspiration”

“I’ve only been going 3 weeks so far and just feel hard muscles where I never did before.”

“I went from 83kg up to 95 kg from January till November…..I added 1-1.5 inch to both arms….61cm thighs to 66cm and calves from 41 to 44cm!”

” Feeling stronger and gaining a bit of muscle”


Eventually, (if you’re lucky and blessed with incredible genetics) after 6 months, maybe a year you’ll have the strength and body of a Men’s Health Fitness model that will make you the envy of your friends and give you the adoration of all women everywhere. Sound good to you? Want to know where you can signup?


I Hope You Didn’t Believe One Word of

What You Just Read…

…Because NONE of It Is True!

Yet, this is EXACTLY what conventional fitness instructors and personal trainers want to tell you. But you don't have to do that.


  • You don’t have to join a gym!
  • It requires NO WEIGHTS, in fact, NO EQUIPMENT!
  • There is no need for ANY CARDIO.
  • You can do it anywhere, anytime. (Seriously, honest to god I actually do the routine in my shower – that way I double up on time).
  • It does not require space. As I said I can and do this workout in the shower.
  • It takes between 2-7 minutes – that’s it and you’re done (and who doesn’t have 2 minutes to dedicate to building massive muscle a week – seriously you can have your workout done by the time it takes to make a cup of tea).
  • Best of all…You only have to do this ONCE A WEEK!

And best of all you don’t know the half of how effective this program is, not just in building muscle but in building real-life skills and a whole new mindset towards training and life balance. You see I know the REST OF THE STORY behind the Maximetrics…

  • Yes…you’re going to get rid of the man boobs.
  • Yes…you’re going to get rid of the love handles.
  • Yes…you’re going to say goodbye to weak wet noodle arms
  • Yes…you will stop pulling the shirt away from your pot-belly (because soon you won’t even have a pot-belly and besides your shirt will be straining across the slabs of muscle on your chest).
  • Yes…you will get into the most muscular shape of your life (but again this isn’t the “be-all, end-all” of the program).
  • And yes…you’re going to have way more energy and stamina.

But here’s the real deal: Fitness, muscle growth and major strength increases are all just side-effects and indirect benefits that come from solving a much bigger problem.

The purpose of the Maximetrics program is to revamp your body and your nervous system as it never has been before – to change the very foundations of your functionality. In fact, this system was designed to solve one major problem that had been preventing me and people like you from EVER achieving the physique we desire…


You see the body requires certain chemical compounds to build new tissue, be it hair, skin, nerve, blood or muscle…and up until now sadly people had been turning to WORTHLESS SUPPLEMENTS or worse still ILLEGAL DRUGS that provide a short term solution ar the cost of long term health and can even lead to death.

I know people are DESPERATE at times to build muscle but taking drugs is never the answer. Instead of using artificial chemicals to conceal the problem…why not FIX THE PROBLEM

That’s what I stumbled upon – a revolutionary method of training that corrects the weakness of body and allows you to naturally and SAFELY produce the right chemicals to ensure not just STAGGERING MUSCLE GROWTH but ensure your overall long-term health! And when these substances are NATURALLY PRODUCED in the correct amounts they can literally alter your physical and mental state almost immediately.

So…What Is This Substance?

I couldn’t believe what I was lifting after training with you. 400lbs….not enough...500lbs….not enough…

I mean I wasn’t even tired when we had every weight in the gym on the bar and you and Ben had to hold the plates on the side because the bar was warping on a whopping 600lbs deadlift.

Damn man, that was just incredible.

Thanks for showing me a new way to train brother!

– Dave.

I’m glad you asked…and the answer is HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE

Now that’s going to scare a lot of you…and it should because HGH is often associated with drugs, illegal shots, injections, bodybuilders, and vain 80’s action heroes.  Now HGH naturally occurs within the body when we are young and it’s the key to our growth and healthy development. Sadly though as we age we lose the amount of HGH naturally produced, our muscles shrivel, we get weak, we lose our eyesight and worse our libido’s…and the really sad thing is IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY.

And this is where the Maximetrics program is different – it has been specifically designed to get your body to release healthy, natural levels of your own Growth Hormone…let me be clear…

  • It’s NOT a pill you ingest…
  • It’s NOT a cream you apply to your skin…
  • It’s DEFINITELY NOT a shot or injection like steroids and testosterone…

What it IS, is a set of specialized muscle contractions – you don’t even have to MOVE – just once a week that sends a healthy dose of HGH directly into your bloodstream. It’s 100% safe and 100% natural. In fact, it’s exactly what your body wants and needs if it’s going to counteract the effects of “the aging process” (i.e. reduced HGH and other beneficial hormones).


…Even If You’re Still In Your 20s and 30s

You probably don’t even realize it, but there are things you are doing EVERY DAY that actually DECREASE the one thing that literally defines your health and growth…

…your level of HGH! What’s more, you are probably already experiencing the symptoms of this slow down in HGH production…

  • Lower Energy Levels
  • Lower Libido
  • Poorer Eyesight
  • Greying or Thinning Hair
  • Poor Complexion
  • Easier Bone Breaks
  • Frequent Cold, Flu’s and Illness
  • Aches and Pains
  • Poor Sleep
  • Taking longer to Recover from Injury
  • The Middle Age Spread (Getting Fatter!)

These are just a handful of examples but there are far more…luckily there is a SOLUTION.



Hi Paul,

I must say, after only two daysand two workouts less than 5 minutes I notice more definition than I have in the past two years of a combination of weight training, bodyweight training, and HIIT. I am 6’1″ and 180Lbs, so I do not need to lose weight, but I am feeling things tighten up, have that flat stomach, and the weird thing is I don’t need as much sleep. I have probably spent ~$1000 or more on various e-books/equipment and have never had such an effective program and helpfulness. Thank you. Hit the scales at 177lbs, down about 8 pounds in a few short weeks. It’s the thinnest I’ve been in about 10 years! WHOO HOO!!! I am up to about 195Lb at 6’2″, which is about 15LB heavier than when I started and maintained the same if not smaller waist size. Amazing. I never workout out more than 15 min a day.

– Ryan

Dramatically BOOST Your HGH and Health by Simply Staying in Shape...

I know what you're thinking..staying in shape isn't simple. Actually it is, remarkably so - and that's the problem - many people aren't willing to accept the scientific and medical facts, that a SIMPLE series of 7-12 Second contractions can produce more muscle in less time than any other form of training.

But Believe it or not, staying in shape using these methods like is like getting a natural HGH shot right in the ass.

That’s right.

This incredible natural chemical can be produced within our bodies in abundance if you provide it with the right stimulus. You don't have to join a gym or go jogging every day - in fact that's probably one of the LAST things you should do! In fact...want a quick tip right now - it's one I've shared in Isometric Mastery and Project Dragon with mountains of evidence to support it -


It's a FACT: Extended Cardio Sessions Actually Tear Your Muscles Down, DECREASE Your HGH and Testosterone  Levels and not only Inhibit Your Body’s Ability To Burn Fat but ACTUALLY TRIGGERS FAT STORAGE!


There is NO reason you should have to run for extended periods of time. Your body sure as hell wasn't designed to do it and that's borne out in overwhelming physiological and biological evidence. You were designed for short intense power. Built to be an explosive, fast, resilient, strong survivor. Not someone slowly running to their death and breaking their body down with every joint wearing, muscle eating flabby arm-waving step.

No here's the thing - if you know anything about fitness and muscle then you'll know that an increase in LEAN muscle tissue creates a MAJOR increase in fat burning. This naturally occurs as the body requires more energy to support the added muscle tissue...and best of all you don’t have to lift weights for hours on end to build muscle and burn fat.

In fact…

If You Give Me 2-7 Minutes Per Week - Not Per Day, But Per WEEK! - Your Fat Will Be Fried In No Time and Replaced by Mountains of Muscle 

Ridiculous Right it? Well, I’m telling you it’s the honest-to-God truth. Backed up and supported by incontestable scientific evidence and the real-life case studies of both myself and my clients. So I'll say it again just to make sure you fully grasp what I am telling you...

If you have 2-7 minutes spare a week you’re the perfect candidate for Maximetrics



After just a few seconds using Paul’s methods I was pumping sweat and exhausted…I have NEVER felt intensity like the techniques he showed me.  The pump was unreal. My muscles felt like they would explode with power, strength, and size…and I hadn’t even moved…no weights, no equipment, nothing and it was one of the best workouts of my life.

My grandfather trained using these same old-time methods and taught me some of this stuff when I was a little kid. That man was the strongest I have ever known…and now…thanks to Paul I know why.

I’ll be using these techniques with all my clients in the future to guarantee their results.

– Steven Dunne

Seriously, that’s all it’s gonna to take!

If you can do just one 2-7 minute workout, just ONCE per week you will absolutely shock yourself and your friends with the results. Here’s why:

Several studies have been conducted on this (and I reference several in Maximetrics) but to take one – Kraemer, W. J., Marchitelli, L., Gordon, S. E., Harman, E., Dziados, J. E., Mello, R., Frykman, P., McCurry, D., & Fleck, S. J. study on Hormonal and growth factor responses to heavy resistance exercise protocols published in the Journal of Applied Physiology definitively showed that you can dramatically increase HGH with short, but highly intense bursts of resistance training – and we know there is no more most influential environments for exercise-induced growth hormone release (EIGR) than Isometrics…

I’m sorry to say that all those guys pumping away in the gym day after day doing there split routines, and “leg days” just won’t cut it…It’s simply not enough stimulus – nor is it the RIGHT KIND OF STIMULUS!

Put very simply,  with the Maximetrics Method there are:


No Gyms. No Squat Racks. No Bench Presses. No Treadmills and NO WASTED TIME!


Maximetrics combines a unique series of advanced Isometric Principles based on my decade’s worth of experience as a highly sought out personal trainer and leading expert on Isometric Training. It is the precise application of the right intensity at the exact frequency for maximum results in minimum time…

I see it time and time again in the muscle mags – your ‘HAVE TO’ spend hours in the gym to build a well-muscled fit physique and it’s just NOT THE CASE. For most that is simply not possible to do and they know this – they keep promising you the results and set an impossible standard for achieving them and as such you are left wanting.

Today’s modern world is one of where we work much longer hours, have increasingly more commitments, and far more demands on our personal time which leaves us without the time for rest and relaxation. Unless you’re some kind of nut you aren’t going to spend the spare 1 – 2 hours you get each day in a building with recycled air and other people’s sweat germs and ego’s assaulting you.

And this is what makes Maximetrics SO different ….

Rather than not being enough stimulus this compressed exercise system supercharges your intensity and muscular output which spikes your HGH and other CRUCIAL muscle-building factors to previously unfathomed levels.

Training this way you maximize your body’s ability to burn fat, maximizes your ability to build muscle maximizes HGH production, and more. (See where I’m getting the Maximetrics name? 😀 ).  And as you’ve just learned, the increased HGH levels will further increase your body’s ability to build muscle burn fat, boost your libido and give you unrivaled health benefits.

And you will NEVER need to MOVE to do it.

"Dump the Gym – Double Your Results" 

My journey to a perfect body was done in complete secret and as I say I never had to go to a gym, I never even left my room and I wasn’t spending long doing my mysterious workouts. In a matter of weeks, I had gone from scrawny to superhuman and no-one knew my secret!

The fact that I could make such a dramatic impact was a huge boost to my confidence and if you’re anything like me you’ll love these “Anytime, Anywhere Workouts”.

Here’s How Maximetric Will Maximise Your Results and Your Body… 

Maximetrics is going to show you how to:

So here’s what you are going to get when you access the Maximetrics program today…

Are You A Candidate for Maximetrics?



Hi Paul,

I have thoroughly read through the course and, as promised, I would like to share my thoughts with you….it is, without doubt, the most thorough treatise on advanced training I have ever read. What you have given us is sensational. There is no better word to describe it. Paul, I can do this. You promised to turn the training world on its ear. You have. Oh, you’ll ruffle a few feathers in the conventional training camps, no doubt of that. Let the naysayers neigh. I’d love to be there to witness all the squawking and flapping.

– Steve



Hey Paul,

I just want to say thanks for the program, I’ve only been going 3 weeks so far and just feel hard muscles where I never did before.

– Tom

If you suffer from any of the following you’re a perfect candidate for Maximetrics:

  • Not having the body you want
  • Not having the strength you want
  • Feeling confused about your food choices
  • Feeling a decreased enjoyment of life
  • Low Energy
  • Low libido
  • Low stamina
  • Wearing loose clothing or habitually pulling your shirt away from your gut so no one notices the pudge around your mid-section. (HINT: They notice…)
  • Ashamed of taking your shirt off at the beach or at the pool
  • Worse – avoiding those places because you don’t feel comfortable
  • Frustration from seeing your belly hanging over any time you bend down.
  • Increasingly poor work performance
  • Worsening eyesight
  • Thinning hair
  • Frequent colds and flu’s

How would you like for all that to go away?


You Know You Want All This. 

Now the Only Question Is…


“Are You Different Than The Rest?”


Are you going to stay like you are, slowly getting worse or are you going to stand up and take what’s yours, take this opportunity and transform your life?


Honestly – and this may sound harsh, but I’m not here to make you feel good about yourself…I was notorious in my early days as a personal trainer for FIRING clients. That was unheard of in the industry at the time when people were struggling to get clients – the results I achieve made sure that was never a problem and I don’t waste my time with people that don’t put in the effort that THEY DESERVE.

I’ve chewed out plenty of people that email me, or visit my studio or clinic and constantly serve up pathetic excuses for why they couldn’t do 2 minutes of work a week. If that’s you, I don’t want to waste my time with you.

I’m not here to “pat you on the back” and tell you it’s ok to eat what you want and that it’s unfair that you don’t have the “right genes” or commiserate with you because “you’ve tried every diet”, or supplement or training program out there – because that’s just an outright lie. You haven’t tried this. You haven’t balanced out your hormones and you haven’t been eating or training right. If you were you wouldn’t be reading this now. So stop lying to yourself and take action.

If you want to LOOK BETTER, if you want to BE STRONGER – then you have to start doing things differently from how you’ve been doing it – because that isn’t working.

I’m not here to agree with the rest of society that keeps telling you to be sensitive, understanding, and dominated…and if I sound angry it’s because I am…I’ve watched people very close to me abuse their health. They don’t work out, they don’t eat right and they get fat, they get ill and then they complain about it – despite the fact that they have literally done this to themselves.

I fundamentally believe each of us has a responsibility to be healthy, to be in the best shape possible – that’s one of the key teachings in my martial arts training – but you know what, I think it’s true for everyone. Imagine what we could accomplish if everyone took responsibility for their health – the massive savings we’d make to healthcare alone would be astronomical – but look at the greater benefits – massively reduced heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, liver damage, kidney failure and more would be minute. The sad truth is the biggest killer on the planet is our poor lifestyle. And if we want a better world then YOU have to be part of that. It’s not enough for me to be in great shape and great health – we ALL have to be part of that solution.

So, before we get to the cost of Maximetrics, don’t forget for one minute what it would cost if you were to just sit there and do nothing like every other person out there. What do you think you would get?

Don’t want to answer? That’s ok because I’ll just tell you the answer…


Finito. The End. It won’t magically change. It won’t get better…it won’t get easier…things will just continue on like they always have.

Save one big difference…

You’ll lose another dayanother weekanother monthanother YEAR…living a life that’s marked by weakness and illness, insignificance, and disappointment.

The really sad thing is, the majority of people reading this are going to continue to pretend and rationalize that things are “fine the way they are,” or even worse they’re going to believe things will change despite the fact they continue to do the same things. That’s just denial. Leading to madness. Think I’m joking?

Do you know what the medical term is for a condition where someone does the same things repeatedly expecting a different result?


You’re not here by accident. The fact is, you’re here for a reason. You already know what it’s like to not feel you’ve achieved your potential, to be weak, to be ill. You know what it’s like to come in second or not at all. It’s time to see how the other side lives, and you don’t even know how close you are.

Here's What Happens Next...

When you purchase Maximetrics you’ll be taken to secure members area to download the PDF ebook. You’ve waited long enough after weeks of training in Perfect Body, you're ready and I want you to start on this information as soon as you can.

There is a lot to read, (and watch!) to understand and digest, though I have tried to make it as simple and straightforward as possible. In this program you are going to learn:

But I'm not done.

Over the years since the original release of Maximetrics and after guiding thousands of clients through the process, I've expanded the program, supporting it with more advanced information on nutrition, recovery and growth. With this new edition you're getting:

Bonus # 1 - The Batsignal

I receive frequent emails to this effect but it bears repeating. I don’t write a fitness book and forget about the people that buy it. I’m not in this for the money (I have multiple business and thriving medical practice that does just fine), I do this because I know what it feels like to be weak. I know what it feels like to be bullied. I know what it feels like to fat. And I want that to stop. I don’t want anyone to feel as badly as I felt. Not when I can do something about it. So I have…I’ve done this…

This isn’t just another ebook that you buy and never get anything else…I am literally with you every step of the way. I’m there at the click of a mouse.

Every successful person I know, whether they’re an Olympic athlete, high ranked martial artist, business leader or entrepreneur has trainers and coaches who help them and guide them along the way. That’s what I’m going to do for you in Maximetrics, this is what I do in Isometric Mastery and it’s what I’ve done and continue to do for my Perfect Body, Samurai Strength and Project Dragon clients.

Clearly you have the initiative or you wouldn’t have found this opportunity or read this deep into the letter, so there’s a chance you may never need me. But if you do…I’m here. When you download your copy of Maximetrics and receive access to the instructional videos (the private members-only zone for my clients and trainees), you’ll have access to a special form where you can ask me (not staff, not outsourced - this is a direct line to me, the creator of the system. Think of it as your own personal Batsignal - where I will answer any questions you have about the Maximetrics program.

The only thing I’d say is to prepare for a lengthy and detailed response. You’ll likely have seen some of my response is in my FAQ pages over at Isometric-Training.com – when I give people an answer it’s one hell of an answer and it’s not uncommon for me to spend an hour or 2 composing a 7-page response.

I won’t leave you hanging…I’ll make sure you succeed no matter what!

Hi Paul,


Again, thanks for the amazingly detailed answer. You’ve answered my questions and a few of my future questions as well. 🙂

Boy, you really know your stuff. I feel lucky to have found your site and to have ordered your course.

– Thomas.

“Excellent customer service 100% satisfied.”

– Paul M from Cannock

Hi Paul,

Thank you so much for your quick reply, especially considering how busy you must be. I really appreciate your detailed answers! The training is coming along great thanks! I have experienced so much more from this training program than through any other program that I have tried out.

– Reece

Hi Paul,

Thank you so much for your quick reply, especially considering how busy you must be. I really appreciate your detailed answers! The training is coming along great thanks! I have experienced so much more from this training program than through any other program that I have tried out.

– Reece

Hey Paul,


Thanks so much for the quick response. Your answer was very clear and I understood it fully. Often on-line trainers sell books but when you ask questions they write back with a one-word answer. That’s not the case with you though, thanks for that.

Thanks again for your time.

– Eric

Bonus # 2 - The Instructional Video Library

In previous editions of this program, I charged a significant amount for these videos as an up-sell. I'm scraping that. You're getting them for free. This program is SO UNIQUE. So precise and nuanced in the skill and sequence of how these contractions are performed there is NO ROOM for error. You NEED to be shown these by a master expert - and there is only one. The man that invented this system. Me.

You cannot decipher how a movement should work based solely on pictures. There is too much lost in a still image - the coordination of the breathing, the recruitment of  muscle fibers in particular sequence, the level of intensity required...

That’s why I’ve included live-action HD videos of me doing each and every movement so there’s zero mystery.

Watch them once before you workout, and you’ll be good to go…or better still watch them and workout WITH ME!

Not only am I going to give you the instructional videos – I’m going to give you a THIRD BONUS! - Real time follow along workout videos so you can work out WITH ME in real time! You just press PLAY and TRAIN!

Bonus # 3 - Real-Time Follow Along Workout Videos!

That's right. I've filmed a Workout With Me Video Series, so you perform these exercises alongside me, just as if I was coaching you one-on-one! You can workout with me anytime, anywhere. You just press PLAY and TRAIN!

Bonus # 4 - The A.R.M. System

A.R.M. is one of my most closely guarded secrets....I've used the protocols outline in Maximetrics to rapidly recovery from both workouts and severe crippling injuries. In this updated edition of Maximetrics, I'll teach you the FULL COMPLETE ARM SYSTEM (the original edition only contained a brief introduction) and the key techniques I use to help your recover faster from the EXTREME INTENSITY of this program.

This is ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE. You will not recover from these workouts and get the gains you are looking for unless you apply the ARM system. 

My ARM program is based upon my years of experience as a martial artist, personal trainer and most crucially, specialist consultant in spinal and muscular injuries. It combines cutting edge western medical techniques with ancient Chinese medicine to produce a synergistic healing effect that can allow you to recover from an intense workout with sore and tired muscle in minutes and to severe injuries such as dislocations and broken bones in just a few weeks instead of months and years.

I am going to give the same step-by-step system I used to support my superhuman strength and mutant muscle growth. But this knowledge doesn't just apply to recovering from theses workouts - nope - these principles apply to accelerated recovery and healing from nearly every physical injury you can sustain and will ensure you a lifetime to good of muscular health and mobility.

You are going to be taught my step-by-step system for the:

  • Relief of muscle pain and soreness
  • Decrease of joint stress
  • Increase of joint and muscle mobility
  • Correction of muscular imbalances (Return shortened muscles to their normal length)
  • Decrease of inflammation
  • Break down of any scar tissue
  • Break down of muscle knots
  • Reduction of inter tissue "fuzz"
  • Increase of blood flow and circulation to the muscles and joints
  • Increase of bone density
  • Reduction of the risk of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
  • Increase of lymph flow and waste removal
  • and much more...

This also includes my complete Health Cultivation and Internal Power and Balance system. Previously this was EXCLUSIVELY available to only my personal coaching clients. This is the first time I am publishing this profound whole life health technique - and you're getting the full 15 mins instructional video for it too!

Bonus # 5 - My Super-Soldier Serum

Let me make this very clear - I don't do drugs. I don't recommend them. I don't recommend or advocate steroids or HGH injections. I'm straight edge. I'm also a WADA tested international elite athlete. I don't put ANYTHING unnatural into my system.

But I am also a master herbalist.

To quote Tyrion Lannister, "I drink and I know things”. But what I drink are potions, literal centuries old herbal formulas that have been the secret of Shaolin monks and Samurai warriors to not only accelerate healing, but super-charge strength, energy, muscle-building and recovery.

Unlike other "fitness guru's" out there who dabble in herbs without any substantial training, I'm a qualified master herbalist (that's my day job by the way, I'm Ireland's leading acupuncturist and herbalist). Using my knowledge of East Asian Herbal Pharmacology, my knowledge of thousands of herbs...I developed my own, "Super-Soldier Serum", to support my transformation from a skinny Steve Rodgers to beefy, buff Captain America.

And it's 100% completely natural. You can make it from ingredients available in your local grocery or Asian market.

And I am going to give you my own Super-Soldier Formula's. These modified formula's are unique to my clinic - they exist nowhere else on earth and a worth thousands. Absolute thousands. My fellow herbalists in Ireland, Europe and the US would kill for this information. Celebrities, athletes, Olympian's and World Record Holders attend my clinic for a reason. 😉

And I am going to give you access to the same incredible Super-Soldier Serum I use with myself and them.

So let’s do a quick review shall we...

You’re going to get:

  • Maximetrics Core Program Valued at $139.95
  • Bonus #1: The Batsignal Valued at $2,500 (Based on my hourly rate x avg email composure time and volume)
  • Bonus #2: The Maximetrics Video Instruction Library Valued at $197
  • Bonus #3:The Maximetrics Workout-With-Me Videos Valued at $197
  • Bonus #4: The A.R.M System Valued at $1,240 (that's actually the discounted cost of what it costs my in-person clients)
  • Bonus #5: My Super-Soldier Serum Valued at $$$$ Captain America Creation Money (I can't out a price on this - this formula has been literally life-changing for people!)

That's the Core Program + Nearly 4 hrs of HD Video Instruction + Personalized Support from me!

Total Cost: $4,273.95+∞ 

Let's be real. If all this program did was give you knowledge of the most unique Isometrics Training Program, tougher than any traditional weight lifting system, and added 10lbs of lean muscle mass to your frame, when you had reached the peak of your potential would it be worth it?


If all this did was teach you to recover from a workout and feel better than you did in your 20's, would this be worth it?


And if all this did was give you the same training and natural chemical advantage reserved for celebrities, elite athletes and Olympians and put you on the same footing...would it be worth it?


You can see why people are paying me upwards of $5,000 for 6 months of coaching.
You can see why I have clients working with me for years.
You can see why it's a good deal at $4,273.95
Why it would be an amazing deal at just $2,500
But don't worry I'm not going to charge you that.
Get Started NOW for Just 


How much does a single appointment at a physio cost? $100 for a decent one? Just one short chapter in this program can give you the tools you need to never need to see a physio again. You'll save a fortune on sports massage therapists alone. Money replenishes, but does that happen with time? And what of the cumulative cost of injury...that can run into the $10,000's if not the $100k territory. You can invest in yourself, in your knowledge and build health systems that will save you thousands and save you hundreds of hours in lost workouts.

And what happens if you do nothing? The same things right? You need to break that habit. Buying this course will break that habit. You'll be armed not just with an advanced training system but advanced mental tools to super charge will power and determination.  Don't slide back lose everything you have accomplished. We want to break that habit. And you can right now.

I had 2 choices with this program.

  1. Sell it at a low cost, sell tons to the public, those who did not have the level of training and conditioning developed through Perfect Body...and for those that didn't have the background in Perfect Body, it was too much - too difficult, physically and mentally.
  2. ...or keep this private - for those who have gone through the Perfect Body training and are ready to take it to that next level - physically and mentally. But for that I need to put in the time effort and resources to really serve help you. In charging $197, I decided to help you and give you more personal attention. It's more time and effort and for most of you you'd like me to apply more effort right?

I tried 1, but honestly it required so much personal support it wasn't worth it. People would email me all the time asking about if they could just jump straight into Maxi - and every time I'd have to tell them NO.  So option 2 is the only way this is going to work.

Now you have 2 choices. You can invest and get started on Maximetrics, building incredible mental and physical health, or you can close this page, go to bed and do the exact same thing as yesterday. But I'm guessing not. You showed up here, you're looking for more, looking to progress, to move forward, not go back to what you were doing before. I don't know about you but that second option never makes me happy. Take that step forward now.