Project Dragon: Building a Bruce Lee Like Body in 12 Weeks or Less.

The NEW 2023 Edition.

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Special Ground-breaking Report by Paul 'Batman' O'Brien, B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Adv. Dip. OBB, Cert Clin. Med. Cert. CHM, M.AFPA, M.ETCMA, M.C.Th.A.

Creator of 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body, Project Dragon and Samurai Strength

Fitness, Martial arts and Health Advisor for Irish Fighter

Published in The Irish Independent, Irish Times, Evening Herald, Spine Magazine, Irish Fighter and seen on TV3's Ireland Am

You have been lied to… By fitness gurus. By fitness magazines. By supplement companies…..Misled by doctors.

The Shocking Truth of How One Man Overcame Crippling Injury and Obesity to Drop OVER 35 LBS of FAT, Lose 10 Inches Off His Waist, Strip 17% Body Fat to Carve a 6 Pack, and Achieve Olympic Level Fitness, in JUST 12 Weeks by IGNORING All the Expert Advice and Training for Less than 16 minutes a Week!

The fitness industry has failed us. More people are now overweight and obese than ever before, despite the largest amount of weight loss programs, workouts, fitness magazines, and diet crazes available. It seems no matter what you may try, the advice of the seasoned gym rat, the expensive personal trainer, the latest results guaranteed producing program from a glossy magazine, you still get the same thing – NOTHING

The weight doesn’t shift. The belly still hangs over your belt. You still have a hard time going up flights of stairs.

Maybe it’s not so bad for you. Maybe you’re in okay shape, but you still don’t have the strength or the body you want. No matter what extreme diet you try, no matter what advanced training program you practice you can’t add the muscle you want, you can’t sculpt the body you want, and that fat still stubbornly sticks to your waist refusing to show you even a glimmer of progress towards a 6 pack and a lean, trim physique.

I know what this feels like. I’m a lot like you. And I’m a fitness expert. That’s right – I know all about the human body and all the different workout programs and still – I get frustrated. I get disheartened when I don’t see the results I want. And in a way that’s the good news…because…


Every day I get flooded with emails from people around the world asking me the same questions and they roughly all concern the same 4 things. Why is this? It is because, even after all this time, and all the supposed great programs and trainers out there, those questions have not been properly answered.

The Four Most Asked Questions in Fitness

These unanswered questions involve the everyday common things that people want. That’s what I’m sure you want; because they are the same questions I wanted answers to.

How Can I Add Lean Muscle Fast?


How Can I Get My Heart and Lungs Super Fit?


How Can I Get the Best Results in the Fastest Time?


What is the Fastest and EASIEST Way to Burn Away Excess Fat Without Suffering Too Much?


If you think you know the answers to those questions, you’re thinking the same way I did – THE WRONG WAY!

It turns out, all the advice personal trainers, fitness experts, nutritionists and more give out is wrong, dead wrong and in fact will make you fatter, weaker and sicker.

The people you have entrusted your health to have lied to you. Now they may not have done so deliberately, there may be no malicious intent behind it but that doesn’t change the facts. The advice you have been given in the past as regards improving your health, lowering body fat, strengthening your heart and lungs was fundamentally wrong.

In fact, for the most part, much of the advice you have been given has directly CAUSED or MADE WORSE many of the chronic health conditions we face today.

Have you ever been told one of the following –

  • You should walk for weight loss.
  • You need to train up to 5 hours a week.
  • Steady state cardio burns fat and keeps it off
  • You’re heart gets stronger with exercise and you should exercise up to 30 minutes to an hour a day?

These are the common recommendations made by doctors, fitness professionals, personal trainers, and health and fitness magazines. In fact let’s look at the recommendations made by the American Government and the American Council on Sports Exercise earlier this year. Here are some of the recommendations –

  • Adults should do 2 hours and 30 minutes a week of moderate-intensity, or 1 hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes) a week of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity, or an equivalent combination of moderate- and vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity.
  • Additional health benefits are provided by increasing to 5 hours (300 minutes) a week of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity, or 2 hours and 30 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity physical activity, or an equivalent combination of both.
  • Adults should also do muscle-strengthening activities that involve all major muscle groups performed on 2 or more days per week.

And all of these recommendations have one thing in common –


If you have done any of the above you have –

  • Reduced your heart capacity and made it weaker
  • Reduced your lung volume and made yourself biologically older
  • Compromised your immune system and you’ll get sicker more often
  • You’ve encouraged your body to store FAT. Yes, in trying to lose weight all you’ve succeeded in doing is MAKING YOURSELF FATTER!

Shocked? I was. Some do this to make sure you keep buying their weight loss products. Some do it because that’s what they learnt in school and don’t know any better and yes, that includes doctors. Why is it that in a world where we have more diet books and supplements and medical knowledge than ever before – WHY ARE WE FAT! Why are we coming down with more colds and heart and lung problems? If people stay fat and unhealthy, like over 25% of Americans, then guess what?

We have ready built consumers that need weight loss products, diet books, medication and pharmacological solutions. It’s a BILLION dollar industry, one that keeps growing. One of the big reasons is because people are given the WRONG advice. Advice that will make you fatter. Advice that will reduce your heart capacity. Advice that will reduce your lung capacity. Advice that will make you more open to disease and infection.

“This is a pathetic attempt to sell your own product.”

Now, right now, you are probably thinking, “Paul, enough with the giant global conspiracy BS. If the government says it’s the recommendations of the best scientists in the field then why on earth would you say otherwise? Where’s your proof? Give me a single shred of evidence that what you are saying is true, that it makes any sense. You can’t can you?”

If you thought that you are wrong. Very wrong. I have a lot of proof. And from those very same sources. What’s more what I am saying is VERY common sense – but heaven forefend I point that out. What I will tell you may offend some, but I assure you what I am telling you IS THE TRUTH.

Here’s the question –

  • Are you happy with how you look right now? Chances are you’re not. Am I right?
  • Are you happy with how you feel? Are you fit, do you feel youthful and vigorous whatever your age, or are you tired and beaten up?
  • Do you get sick easily?
  • Are you fed up?

Be honest – I think all of us could say yes there to some of those – even me at one point. And that’s the thing – I’ve been there. Yep, me, Mr. Super-fit, super lean, super strong. I’ve been fat, fed up, sick and miserable – I’m human. I followed the advice of doctors, of fitness professionals and guess what, I got sicker, I got fatter and I got more miserable.

And then I had enough

Before I developed my first program, the acclaimed “7 Seconds to A Perfect Body” I had started saying, “Hold on, if what I am doing is not giving me the result I want then why the hell I am still doing it?” It’s madness so I stopped, and with the end result in mind I started researching and that was the beginning of….


The FIRST Complete Body and Health Transformation System

Project Dragon is a three part program, integrating:

Cutting Edge Cardiovascular Training


A Simple Effective Nutritional Program


Rapid Body Sculpting Resistance Training
(Code-named the TRIM System)


All of these combine into a unique system designed to:

  • Build Muscle
  • Shred Body Fat
  • Rapidly Increase Strength
  • Dramatically Improve Heart and Lung Health
  • Transform Your Overall Fitness

…faster than ANY OTHER SYSTEM.

And all of it taking less than 25 minutes a week.

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The landscape of the fitness industry will be changed beyond recognition and no longer will anyone be in doubt as to how to acquire the body, health and fitness they want, conned in to buying expensive powders, supplements or berries, magazines, equipment or training guides.

  • No more wasted time.
  • No more boring routines.
  • No more training hard for no results.
  • No more weakness.
  • No more belly fat.
  • No more fatigue.
  • No more injury.

This program was inspired by my desire to be like Bruce Lee. A man who transformed himself into something more, made himself faster, stronger and developed the physique of a comic book superhero, with the strength and skill to match.

Above you can see a demonstration of that strength. This is a rare photograph of Bruce Lee performing an exceptional feat of strength on the set of Game of Death, his final film. In it you can see Bruce balancing and supporting his entire bodyweight on JUST his toes and thumbs!

This spectacular demonstration displays the incredible arm and body strength of The Dragon. A feat few could perform today, unless they had studied the same secret techniques of the Supermen. To the left you can see me perform the same incredible feat of strength.

Better still….

Watch the Video of the Me Performing the Bruce Lee Two Thumb body Suspension Below

This is the type of strength that inspired me. This is the type of health and fitness I wanted and that…


Instead I went back to my inspiration, Bruce Lee and I developed a progressive cardiovascular system and achieved phenomenal results in terms of re-education of the body’s energy systems and the heart and lungs. I found I could apply the very same principle to the development of phenomenal strength and rapid muscle development.

But before I could test my theory I suffered a devastating injury – I shattered my leg in 3 places. So having shattered my leg, unable to exercise I made a decision. I would put this new system and my theories to the test and rebuild myself from the ground up. I would prove to everyone the system would work, by testing it on myself. To truly show the world exactly how powerful this system could be though, I’d need to do something I thought I would never do again. I was going to need to get fat.

I’ve been overweight before, I didn’t like it. I felt tired, weak, lethargic, unmotivated, and slow and had a constant weariness in both mind and body. I’m not used to that anymore. I am used to feeling light, fit, fast, vital, youthful energized, motivated and pretty much bordering on the magnificent. Having a busted leg is bad enough but I knew eating crap food and not exercising would make me feel even worse.

I spent 6 months eating Pizzas, Chinese, Ice Cream, chocolate, donuts and other crap. The result was terrible. I felt terrible. Headaches, fuzziness, mouth ulcers, stomach upsets and a host of digestive complaints. I developed low back pain, and my knees started to ache. This totally sucked.

On October 10th 2009 I couldn’t hack it anymore. I couldn’t keep poisoning myself with such poor food. I was 190 lbs, the FATEST I had EVER BEEN at 25% body fat. I was sporting a HUGE GUT – at 41 inches, and had significantly increased my likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke. Here’s what I looked like –

I am 25% body fat. That’s right a quarter of me is pure chubby, useless fat. My waist measures 41 inches – I am officially obese and my heart and medical health and are under serious threat. I had broken my tibia, was unable to train, got bummed out and ate too much. I was not happy like this I can tell you.


Using the methods contained in Project Dragon I did what even I thought was impossible…

  • I dropped 17% body fat in 12 weeks. (Why is that impressive? Simple on a conventional weight loss program the MAXIMUM you can expect to lose is ½ % a week – that means in order to lose 17% fat, I’d have to train for 34 weeks at least. I did it in 12).
  • I lost over 2.5 stone in weight. (I went from obese to very lean)
  • I dropped over 20 inches off my waist
  • I doubled my heart strength
  • Increased my lung capacity several times over and
  • I got over 75% fitter.

I didn’t do hours of exercise. I didn’t do anything the doctors told me. In fact I did the exact opposite. I trained for about 5 and half minutes 3 times a week. You read that right – 5 ½ minutes. I did no more than 20 minutes a week, sometimes far less.

And I filmed it, photographed it and even hooked myself up to a detailed heart monitor so you could see EXACTLY what I was taking about on a live human subject.

And I’m going to show you that now.

Below you’ll see some of the cardiographs I took, and don’t worry I have more – one for EVERY training session I performed. You don’t need to see the specifics of what I did yet – all you need to see for now are the results and the measurements – the rise and fall of my heart rate.

Above you’ll see on the 2 graphs. The first workout was performed on the 27/10/2008. It took me on average 4 minutes 38 seconds to recover from what I was doing. By the 22/12/2008 , I could recover from even harder exertion within 1 minute 24 seconds.

Yes that’s over 3 times as fast. You’ll also note that I spent less than 5 ½ minutes training. What was I doing for the rest of the time? – Reading and Napping!; Now I chose to do this all at once – you don’t have to. You can do it through the day – but you’ll only be training for 5 ½ minutes AT MOST for the day.

Let’s examine more of those specifics

In order to facilitate my ability to recover so quickly from maximal exertion – my body had to increase my heart reserve capacity – something that is lost in any other method of training.

My heart doubled in its strength, increased the stroke volume and decreased it’s avg bpm.  My heart got MUCH stronger, and very quickly.  In fact my resting heart rate dropped by over 40 bpm. That’s something that can take up to 2 years to achieve. I did in 8 weeks and I spent less than 2 ½ hours in total to achieve it.

But physically, what happened to my body in that time – sure, my heart and lungs became very strong, I drastically improved my health and fitness but what else? Well…take a look…

This is me 12 weeks later. I’m 154.2 lbs. That’s over 41 lbs gone on the scales, an average of 3.4 lbs a week. But unlike many other weight loss programs, this is pure fat. In fact, I weigh in with a body fat of 8%. I have my abs back. But for me the when I look these photos I see my face. On the side profile it’s weak, fat, flabby rounded jaw line. 12 weeks later it’s solid defined and harder, just like the rest of me. Oh and there’s my waist line too. It’s down over 10 inches.

These techniques work rapidly and effectively to not only shift excess weight but completely rebuild, rejuvenate and retrain your heart to the parameters of youth – currently my heart level would be the equivalent of a 17 year old boy in peak health and better still….


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Case Study 1

The Adventure of the Older Gentleman and the Failing Heart, Bulging Waist and Limp Libido

John started the Project Dragon program on the 15th January 2009. When he came to me John was overweighttired and suffering from chronic lower back pain. More so, he was constantly stiff and achy and suffered from Gastritis and Irritable Bowel. A wine enthusiast and a busy successful man, he was losing his enjoyment of both work and his hobbies and social life.

Many of his symptoms may be familiar to you, particularly if you’re in your 60’s as John was. Each morning he woke un-refreshed, snoring or needing to go to the bathroom at night regularly. He had been plagued by a stiff neck and constant blocked sinus for many years, a condition he found no relief through Western medicine.

He was also concerned about his hearts health, cholesterol and blood pressure.

His stomach was prone to gurgling, heartburn and gas, and he often became tired and lethargic after eating and worse still suffered from a constantly low libido. And he was fed up. He had started to become increasingly irritable because he was uncomfortable in his own body, and with his health, and he was frustrated because he didn’t know what to do about it.

All this changed when he began Project Dragon.

Project Dragon, Male, 63


A drop of 12.7% Body fat!
A Loss of 37.9 LBS OF FAT!
Improvement of resting heart rate by 12 bpm!
An increase of 13.6 lbs of muscle tissue!

Case Study 2

The Quest of the Middle Aged House Wife, the Wedding and the Fountain of Youth

Francine came to me aged 51, with severe stiff aching shoulderspain in her right elbow and wrist, which made activity difficult, and low back pain. She kept “hearing crunching noises in the neckshoulders and upper back, which are sore most of the time”. Exercise made her pain worse, and although an avid tennis player in her youth, could no longer hold a racket.

On top of this she had circulation problems and suffered from cold hands and feet, despite feeling flushed and too hot at times.  Occasionally she would see black and white spots in the middle distance of her vision, and have bouts of anxiety.

Plagued by headaches and a feeling of heaviness in the body, she woke continually un-refreshed, which wasn’t helped by the need to go to the bathroom twice or more during the night. Her knees had become sore and tired, and she was irritated and frustrated by her deteriorating physical condition. She felt old, worn out, fat, and worse still had a wedding in April, only 4 months away, that she wanted to look spectacular for.

Francine was in such pain she couldn’t exercise, she was severely overweight with a 39% Body fat, a 37.6 inch waist and she only stood 5’ 3”. While she wasn’t too worried about it (looking good for the wedding is the top priority), he heart was a bit high at 76bpm.

Project Dragon, Female, 51
RESULTS in Just 12 Weeks

A drop of 17% Body fat!
A Loss of 28.9 LBS OF FAT!
Improvement of resting heart rate by 16 bpm!
An increase of 15.2 lbs of muscle tissue!

But what was EVEN MORE IMPRESSIVE was this…

Case Study 2 DROPPED 10% BODY FAT and GAINED 13.2 lbs of MUSCLE, dropping 3.5 inches off her waist in 2 WEEKS!

(That would take at least 20 weeks on a conventional program)

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Here are some more comments from my clients

Let’s compare what I did to government and conventional medical recommendations and the side effects thereof –

They Are Training You to Be Fat!

The techniques and exercises I teach in this online course will work for anyone. They are simple to do and simple to learn, but I won’t lie to you, they aren’t easy. In just a few minutes, you’ll be breathing hard, sweating and working like you’ve never worked before.  Locked in combat against yourself…

  • You will win.
  • You will be stronger.
  • You will be leaner.
  • Your muscles will be more solid, dense and thick.
  • You will be fitter, faster and more flexible.
  • You will be fluid in your movements, possessing grace and ease...

Dear Paul,

Wanted to take a moment to let you know I did the first read-through of the course last night and liked it very much. Indeed, I am excited at starting this regimen this coming weekend. I think you are doing a great service to those who believe in the potential of isometric training with your website and I am confident I will be using more of the services in the future after I take full advantage of this course. Thanks for offering a great product at a great price and look forward to working with isometric training and your website in the future.


Jeff Daugherty

You will be The Dragon!

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You can have all this and more – this online  course will show you how. A perfect physique and perfect health can be yours, and not through hours of arduous training, but just minutes….here’s how….


BOOK 1 -


This is my complete guide to cardiovascular training. The why, how and when are all covered. Here’s jut some of what you will learn…..

      • Why Aerobics Isn’t the Solution to Weight Loss, Fitness or Health
      • Conventional Fitness for Fatness!
      • Why Cardio KILLS Fat Loss  
      • Solving the Fitness Problem
      • Getting Back on Track to Fantastic Fitness
      • Tracking your Transformation an Introduction to Measuring Your Progress
      • Buzz off BMI – It’s useless!
      • Understanding the Dragon’s Heart
      • Measuring Heart Health for the Dragon Fitness Routine 
      • Reversing Disease with the Dragon Fitness Routine
      • Breath of the Dragon
      • Rebuilding the Dragons Heart – Reverse Heart Disease
      • Burning Fat for the Dragon Physique

Detailed routines and training principles are outlined from beginner to advanced Olympic level athletes. Beyond this I’ve included Bonus files, calculators and Printable workout templates to make sure you’re doing everything exactly right. These workouts by the only take between 3 – 6 minutes of exercise max.



This volume explains everything about strength training and introduces my revolutionary TRIM system. This is a multi-phase program, taking you’re from the initial PHASE 1 workout that you can do in a gym or at home that takes just 7 minutes to the ultimate in training intensity PHASE 4 – a 35 second killer routine that produces explosions in muscle mass and strength that have to be experienced to be believed. Take a look at what you’ll learn…

Demonstrating the strength to lift a man overhead with one arm - a strength you can have following this program.
      • The Importance of Strength
      • Understanding the Engine of Muscle
      • The Principles of True Strength Training
      • The Magic of Chinese Herbal Prescriptions and the Method of Proper Strength Training
      • Moving Towards Stillness
      • Phase 1 Principle’s
      • Time Under Tension
      • Retraining the Muscle Fibers, Positive Trauma
      • Training Schedule and Recovery – A Definitive Answer
      • Phase 1
      • Changing Lives with the High-Intensity Dragon Strength Routine
      • Less than 15 Minutes exercise for the Dragon Body?

Detailed routines and training principles are outlined from beginner to advanced Olympic level athletes. Beyond this I’ve included Bonus files, calculators and Printable workout templates to make sure you’re doing everything exactly right. These workouts by the only take between 35 SECONDS (YES SECONDS!) – 7 minutes of exercise max.



The detailed guidelines of nutrition that explode the speed of the Project Dragon training programs results. You’ll learn the 10 Keys of awesome eating, and my rapid body fat loss diet where you can lose up to 20 lbs of fat in just 28 days, along with my muscle building diet which packed up to 30 lbs of muscle on one subject in just 4 weeks.

My Carb Free Keto Fried Chicken
      • Feeding the Dragon – The Nutrition of Excellence
      • The Three Roadblocks
      • Awareness – Developing the Dragon Mind-set
      • The Dragon Mind- Avoiding Self Sabotage
      • The 10 Key Habits of the Dragon Nutritional Program
      • My Rapid Body Fat Cutting Diet
      • My Rapid Muscle Building Diet
      • Tips, Tricks and Cheat Sheets

You can have all this and more – this online course will show you how. A perfect physique and perfect health can be yours, and not through hours of arduous training, but just minutes….


BOOK 4 - Book 4: Rise of the Dragon

This is entirely new for this edition of Project Dragon and focuses on advanced recovery methods, including stretching, massage, acupressure, herbs, and more. These methods must be employed to ensure you remain injury free and recover and grow as quickly as possible.

But WAIT... There's more...


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There are multiple new books, complete re-writes, over 40 new routines, and over 500 pages of new cutting edge material.

  • BOOK 4 - Book 4: Rise of the Dragon

    This is entirely new for this edition of Project Dragon and focuses on advanced recovery methods, including stretching, massage, acupressure, herbs, and more. These methods must be employed to ensure you remain injury free and recover and grow as quickly as possible.

  • BOOK 1 - UPDATES! 8 New Routines - Fix Dysfunctional Breathing - Simulated Altitude Training

    I have updated the DFR workout selection with 8 New routines. I have also expanded the measurements and tracking section. I also introduce for the first time my methods for correcting dysfunctional breathing and taking trainees from disordered, poor breathing to Simulated Altitude Training for peak Olympic-level athletic performance. There are nearly 100 pages of additional material, along with a completely re-edited and updated text.

  • BOOK 2 - UPDATES! 11 New Routines - Bruce Lees Exact Iso Workout - The Most Intense Electrifying workout I've EVER Published

    I have updated the DSR workout selection with 11 New routines, including Bruce Lee’s original version, a specialized endurance protocol, and some that will test every ounce of your will, including The Most Intense Electrifying workout I’ve EVER Published, that I’ve kept secret till now. There are over 100 pages of additional material, along with a completely re-edited and updated text.

  • BOOK 3 - UPDATES! A Completely New Nutritional Program based on behavioral psychology!

    In the years since I originally wrote Project Dragon, I’ve gained multiple additional qualifications in sports nutrition. I’ve also refined and synthesized this with my knowledge of Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine. And I have over a decade more experience in coaching nutrition. This is shifted my approach and methodology. As such I’ve written an entirely new 50-plus pages covering 15 Key Nutritional practices, based on behavioral psychology, my EXACT diet, and supported with several new bonus manuals I’ll cover shortly.

  • BONUS GUIDE 1 - Eliminating Emotional and Dysfunctional Eating

    In this 37-page guide I’m going to explore some of the aspects of emotional and dysfunctional eating patterns that I see in the clinic and in my coaching clients and share with you some simple strategies to start tackling them.

  • BONUS GUIDE 2 - The Eliminating Emotional and Dysfunctional Eating Guide and Workbook

    This printable 52-page Diary and Workbook will guide you through a series of questions and mental exercises to identify and defeat the triggers of emotional eating.

  • BONUS GUIDE 3 - Beating Sugar Addiction

    The short (but not sweet) 25-page guide will give you the low down on the dangers of sugar and some of the easiest-to-implement strategies to beat sugar addiction.

  • BONUS GUIDE 4 - Kill Your Caffeine Cravings

    This 32-page guide highlights how caffeine affects blood volume and hormones and teaches you simple strategies, acupressure, herbal formulas, and even a cookie recipe to beat caffeine cravings for good.

  • BONUS GUIDE 5 - The Dangers of Alcohol and How to Reduce It

    This 45-page guide was written first for my fertility patients in my TCM clinic. Alcohol affects the hormones needed for your muscle strength, cardio, and digestive health, as well as your overall long-term health. And the strategies for reducing alcohol and sound regardless of your reason.

  • BONUS GUIDE 6 - The Dragon Beginners FAQ

    A compilation of the personal correspondence I’ve had with Project Dragon trainees. This bonus books explores the concerns of those totally new to fitness training, those utterly out of shape and answers your questions on the program, where to start and what to do, how to attain your goals, focus and motivation techniques and so much more….

  • BONUS GUIDE 7 - The Project Dragon Strength FAQ

    A compilation of the personal correspondence I’ve had with Project Dragon trainees. This bonus books explores the concerns of those looking to achieve phenomenal strength! I go into detail as regards Yoga, the Martial Arts, how to integrate Project Dragon with Perfect Body and much more…

  • BONUS GUIDE 8 - The Project Dragon Cardio FAQ

    A compliation of the personal correspondence I’ve had with Project Dragon trainees. This bonus books explores the concerns of those looking to achieve phenomenal cardio vascular health and athletic excellence. I go into detail as regards the most intense of routines, how to tell if you’re ready for it – MY daily routine, Hindu Squats, Heart Rates, funny formula and more – everything those that have followed this program and wanted to learn more is here…

  • BONUS GUIDE 9 - The Project Dragon Nutrition FAQ

    A compilation of the personal correspondence I’ve had with Project Dragon trainees. This bonus books explores the world of diet and nutrition – learn what I think of creatine, the secrets of chinese herbs to speed your metabolism and why I’m against it, A complete Fully Plant Based Eating Program, all about alcohol and much more….fine tune your feeding with this insightful FAQ.

  • BONUS GUIDE 10 - 24 Complete Meal Templates for 7 Days and Grocery Lists

    These are highly detailed professionally designed Meal Templates designed to cater for a variety of individual preferences and goals. Each day is detailed out for you with simple suggestions and I’ve even done your shopping list for you!

  • BONUS GUIDES 11 & 12

    • The 12-Week Program – A Week by Week, a Day-by-Day guide to implementing the Project Dragon Program. This quick reference book serves as an index and walk-through for the entire system in 12 weeks.
    • The 12-Month Program – With over 1,000 pages of highly detailed information, in several areas, Project Dragon can be very overwhelming. This guide gives you a clear Week by Week, Day-by-Day guide to implementing the Project Dragon Program over the course of a year. This is what I recommend following.
  • BONUS GUIDE 13 - 28+ Dragon Snap Workouts

    Simply Print out and Follow. This workbook offer a range of Dragon Snap Challenges based on the calisthenic exercises I teach. This selection of exercises produces over 2.1 million DFR routines and I’ve outlined some of my favorites for you to print out and follow. 🙂

  • BONUS GUIDE 14 - My Personal Keto Cookbook

    I eat a Keto-based diet. Not just to be lean and strong, but for my neurological and hormonal health. I’m a big fan of lowest bar to entry and as such have a selection of simple, fast and INSANELY tasty meals I eat pretty much every week. I batch cook all of these and so am never stuck for highly nutritious, super tasty compliant food. This guide includes my famous: Sugar-Free Sweet and Sour Chicken, Super Simple Sugar-Free Stir-Fried Garlic and Ginger Beef, Sugar Free Lemon Cookies, The Best Keto Fried Chicken of ALL TIME, and so much more.

  • BONUS GUIDE 15 - Master the 1-Inch Punch

    Over 50 pages, and supported by in-depth video instruction you’ll learn to master one of Bruce Lee’s most famous feats – the 1-Inch Punch. I’m going to give you the background, the exercises, the technique and a variety of progressions and demonstration tips to Master the 1-inch Punch.

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Don’t just take my word for it…

My No-Bogus-Promises But Just An Iron-Clad, Risk-Free Guarantee

You’ve seen the Photos, read the case studies…so now check it out for yourself. I want you to test this information out at my expense. Because I believe this information can help you change your physique, improve your health and skyrocket your strength be you 20-90, man or woman. That’s why I’m taking all the risk. I’m offering you a Zero-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Really, there’s absolutely no risk on your part. If this program doesn’t work for you, I’ll buy the complete package back from you!

In fact, if you don’t like the package for any reason, just return it within 90 days and I will refund your purchase price immediately. No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings. And we part as friends. How’s that?

I can do this because my customers are gaining muscle mass left and right!
This is NOT a course filled with “theories” and hype! Just Scientific fact, formula and the tried and tested techniques and exercises that have produced the amazing results you’ve seen.

It contains information that’s easy to follow and actually works. I get flooded with testimonials almost every day from people who are changing their bodies and building strength FASTER than they ever thought possible. So if the program has worked for thousands of people, I’m confident it can work for you. I guarantee it.

If you’re still unsure, don’t decide now. I want you to grab your package today, read it, use it to create your own training routine or use one of my pre-set programs. I want you to give it an honest try.

If for any reason it either doesn’t work for you, or you’re NOT satisfied, let me know and I’ll give you 100% of your money back. End of. You pay only if you get results! There’s absolutely nothing to lose on your part.


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What's Stopping You Achieving Super-Human Health, Strength and Fitness?

If you’re unsure if it makes sense right now to move 1 step forward and get Project Dragon and change your life, let me ask you...

“Are you happy with how you look and feel?”
“Do you know what to do workout safely and effectively in the fastest amount of time?”
“Do you know why your hand is the perfect calorie counter and portion control device?”
“Are you consistent in knowing what to do and how to do it?”
“Have you tried things before and not gotten results?”
“Did Covid hurt your breathing and cardio health”
“Are you frustrated eating right, exercising all the time and you just can’t lose the weight!”.
“Do you feel disconnected?”
“Do you feel powerless to do anything?”

...Now is the time to change this.

I don’t know where you are on this road, but I know you wouldn’t be sitting here today, now, if you didn’t want to get off that road and find a different one. One where you are fulfilled in your life. Excited and energized every morning, stress free and focused on making the best of yourself and every moment.

Picture what that would be like.

Imagine the smile on your face. Take a moment right now and imagine what it will be like to feel strong and confident. To be pain free. To enjoy the body you are in. To look great naked. To have a strong heart and lungs. To enjoy your food and never feel insecure. To have the freedom to live your life unencumbered.

$197 isn’t a lot to get this level of expertise, in all of these areas. A single nutritional appointment, on it’s own ranges from $100-$250. It is time you invested in your own health. I think you’re worth it, which is why I am making this available at an affordable price. At the end of the day, money replenishes. But what happens to the time you lost out on now, not going forward? You can never get that back. Take the resources I am offering you and make the changes you need to make today, to secure your health for tomorrow, and the days ahead.

Because if you do nothing, what happens? The same thing right? The same poor eating habits, the same ineffective workouts, the same aches and pains. The same disappointment, the same inability to lose the weight and become strong, the same spinning tires keeping you in the same damn place.

You need to break that habit. Moving forward, just this one step, will break that habit. If you don't, you'll slide back and everything you're read about will be useless and I want you to break that habit. 

The upfront reality is that this great info alone won't save you, it won’t solve your problem. You need systems and schedules in place with achievable targets, you need a comprehensive, proven system to get you to the next level.

But that system doesn’t take long. Project Dragon will teach you exactly how to integrate these new simple habits into your life. They don’t take long. No more than a few minutes a day and with the increased energy, simpler nutrition, easy to make recipes and fast training you are going to have more free time to focus on your health, family, friends and life purpose. 

You can do this.

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