Triple Your Strength and Get Ripped in Under 10 Minutes. Overcome Any Injury. Finally Find a Diet that Works & and Get as Fit as the Special Forces Without Any Equipment.

CANCEL your gym membership, DUMP your infomercial gadgets, and pity the busted up weight lifters thanks to the Secret Strength System of the Samurai...

The Most Comprehensive Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Program in the World

Special Ground-breaking Report by Paul 'Batman' O'Brien, B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Adv. Dip. OBB, Cert Clin. Med. Cert. CHM, M.AFPA, M.ETCMA, M.C.Th.A.

Creator of 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body, Project Dragon and Samurai Strength

Fitness, Martial arts and Health Advisor for Irish Fighter

Published in The Irish Independent, Irish Times, Evening Herald, Spine Magazine, Irish Fighter and seen on TV3's Ireland Am

Remember the last time you were in one of those commercial gyms, in the hamster wheel of the treadmill, cycling through boring cardio equipment and going nowhere - literally and metaphorically.

Remember hating every second of that boring monotony and "the situation" (that's what my friend's wife calls his belly...) only to see that person, an old friend, an ex, a colleague, walk in. Walk in with a leaner sexier body than you and they aren't afraid to show it off.

They walk past the cardio equipment. They don't even look at it. And you think - "What do they know that I don't. What's their secret?"

HeKNOWS20 minutes later, your still there on the cardio machine. Still getting nowhere - literally and metaphorically. Only this time...there's a light sweat on your brow.  That's when they walk back...that fit lean sexier version of the you that could be - but they're radiant, glowing with a sheen of sweat covering them. Their clothes damp with sweat, making every muscle stand out in relief like some costumed superhero.  And you didn't seem on a single piece of cardio equipment, heck you didn't see them lift a weight.

What gives? What do they know that you don’t? How is that even possible?

Well, today you’re going to finally discover that secret – something so important it will change your life.

  • A method of training that today has been shown to burn off over 1lb of fat in energy with just a few minutes of dedicated application.
  • A method that has been shown in hundreds of studies to increase your strength dramatically - one study showing an increase of strength by 54% in 5 weeks.
  • A method that is proven to be more than TWICE as effective as any other form of training and in a fraction of the time.
  • A method of training that can be done Anytime. Anywhere. Requires no experience and no equipment. An ancient secret that has been closely guarded by the martial masters, the Samurai, and before them the Shaolin Monks of China and the mystic warriors of India.

I call it Samurai Strength

Inside Samurai Strength - Vol 1 Isometrics you’ll…

  • Discover 43 Exercises To Generate Lean Muscle on A Daily Basis, No Experience Necessary
  • Unlock The Number 1 Thing That’s Been Holding You Back And Empower Yourself To Overcome Any And All Obstacles
  • Find Out How You Can Achieve Physical and Mental Strength Quicker Than You Ever Thought Possible
  • Easily Overcome Your Biggest Fear And Turn Samurai Strength - Vol 1 Isometrics Into The Best Investment You’ve Ever Made

This Volume and Pre-Release is ONLY Available until Midnight July 20th.

This program has been unavailable to the public for the last 11 months. In a few weeks, I'll be offering it to the public again...maybe....the people on this list have been waiting for nearly a year after missing out the first time.  I have 10 slots 3 slots 2 slots open for coaching. If those fill up I may  NOT offer the program to the public.

If you want this Isometrics Program and access to all the other Volumes, this is your shot.





“A Lean, Muscular Body in Just a Few Weeks” Here’s Proof:

REAL PROOF That Samurai Strength Works For Anyone, Including You :

What’s the ONE Simple Secret That these People With a Killer Body and Incredible Strength Know That You Don’t?

Here's the truth, and I want you to really understand it:

Losing fat fast and building strength isn’t just about doing things other people don’t do. It’s more about knowing things other people just don’t know.

I’m talking about real secrets. In the Japanese Martial arts, where I learned of these secrets they call it Omote and Ura What you show and tell to the outside (Omote) world, and what you keep hidden, the real techniques (Ura).

And you know people that know theses secrets… the people that know what it takes to get an incredible body…

Truth is, it's kinda easy to spot these people.

They’re ripped lean and they can do things that "normal" people can't. They’re the type that aren't embarrassed to take their shirts off. In fact, heads turn when they do. And in the right way.

How do they do it… and what don’t YOU know? That's the real question isn't it?

In a moment, I’ll get to the answer. First though I want to make sure you understand the difference and I warn you - I'm not pulling punches here. If you want dramatic improvements, if you want to be lean and powerful you need to hear the blunt facts.

The reason why you don’t have a dream body like they do is simple:

You Don’t Look Like Them Because
You Don’t Train Like Them

That's the reality. The blunt fact you may not want to confront.

But that’s the simple truth.

The people above, those you see in the gym, the lean, the fit, the super strong, the confident, they know how to train to lose fat and build strength fast – and by fast, I mean both in just the rapid workout time and in getting rapid fat loss results in just a few days. Most other people just don’t have a clue. Want proof - walk into any gym. You know what you’ll see?

Lots of people sweating on cardio machines, bored out of their minds. But that's not the real tragedy. The real tragedy is walking into that same gym and in a year from now, seeing those same bored faces, with the same fat bodies.

Slow and steady sure wins the race here, if that race is to mediocrity and obesity.

One thing I do know for sure - they aren't in on the secret.

But, don’t beat yourself up if that’s you.

It’s NOT your fault.

And, hey, at least you made it to another year...

Look over the other side of the gym. See they guy lifting those weights, taking a break, wiping the sweat off his brow, swigging back that protein shake. Nodding his head a lot before getting back under that bar, swinging that dumbell. There's a reason they're called dumbells....they are for dumb people that think that's how you build strength. It's not, it's how you build heart problems and busted joints.

That guy, he won't be in the gym next year. He'll be getting surgery for his shoulder, his knee, go forbid his heart. I've seen it time and again in my clinic. I fix these guys and put them back together only to watch them run out the door back to their crossfit class and I'm not surprised when I get the call a few weeks later - they're in trouble again.

I'm interested in building a lifetime of strength to be free from injury, not crippled by it. I trust you're the same.

The bottom line is this the lean, sexy, strong, confident people, that ones that don't get sick and injured, they have better information that you. They know the answer isn't in weights, the cardio equipment or whatever the latest's fitness fad is....they know better.

And if you're sitting here, right now, overweight, tired, injured, sick and sick of how you look, staring down at that one giant ab and the crumbs you don't remember making....

Then, sadly, you don’t know the secret either.

And not knowing...well that will keep you weak and fat FOREVER.

While others are struggling with weakness and can't make the time to get in shape or worse waste their precious hours to long, boring and ineffective workouts, caving to poor nutritional choices and suffering from aches pain and injury....with low energy and even lower motivation...those using Samurai Strength are doing rapid fire, scientifically proven, time honoured, results producing workouts in as little as 5 minutes.

...and now they have gone from flab, unfit, tired and uninspired to lean, experience hungry men and women who live a life other people only dream of. They have their workouts done, their bodies honed and energised, supple and ready to take on the adventure of the day before their neighbours are finished in the bathroom!

Imagine if that was you for a moment, what would your life be like? What if you were like them?

Walking down the street with a lean, even ripped, powerful body. When you walked down the street, you'd exude confidence, and people couldn’t help but turn heads in your direction…for all the right reasons.

Imagine if your appearance generated instant respect with your friends and the people you work with. They wouldn't mock your weight after you walked by the water cooler. People don't trust and respect people who are overweight - they write you off as not being able to control yourself, being impulsive. And you family, they wouldn't be worried about your health, your shortened life expectancy. You wouldn't have to hide in family pictures behind people and strategically placed furniture. (Hey, I used to be fat and unfit and weak. I know how hurtful this is). Nobody would be talking about your weight behind your back anymore...but they would gossip wanting to know your secret.

Injured, sore joints - can't move, can't take impact and looking at a long road of recovery as your waistline expands as your motivation shrinks. Not a problem. The first 6 whole body transforming exercises in this system are done lying down. If you can lie on the floor or your bed - you can transform your body, build a lean physique and awaken with remarkable energy. And in later Volumes I'll show you how to heal your joints, banish bursitis, abolish arthritis and clear cartilage problems using ancient Samurai medicine.

Sore knees keeping you from getting out and living life? There are over 7 different exercises that develop leg's like steel and will strengthen your knee joints and eliminate pain.

That big belly and flabby arms make you leave your shirt on when you're at the beach. Or do you just avoid going to places where you have to show off your body? With these incredible anytime, anywhere techniques with a workout lasting just minutes, you'll never be afraid to take your shirt off again...MORE than that - you may feel comfortable in your own body for the first time in years!

It's a terrible thing not to be able to do live life to the full simply because your body isn't strong enough for you to meet your goals. Be it bench pressing over 600 lbs (I've done that), bending a wrench, enjoying an active holiday or excelling in your sport you need to be strong. For most people that means spending HOURS, in the gym, toiling away and trying to get stronger while picking up illness and injuries.

You can have it all… the lean, sexy, strong body that was the envy of everyone you knew without spending hours and hours at the gym… even without going to the gym at all!

The techniques shown in Samurai Strength Vol 1: Isometrics are scientifically proven to engage your muscles by up to 95.2% and produced staggering strength increases of up to 15% per week! If you can lift 100lbs now, next week you'll lift 15 more lbs next week! The week after that 132.25 lbs! That type of improvement takes gym rates years! You'll do it in mere weeks and you'll do it in less than ONE typical gym session per month.

What's more they are proven to ignite and eradicate unwanted body fat.

This is How I Discovered the Truth

My name is Paul 'Batman' O'Brien.

I am the world's foremost expert in Isometric Exercise.

I weigh (as of writing - 180lbs), and in my strongest range I can bench press over 600lbs (over 300kg), I can leg press over 3,000 lbs. I tear phonebooks in half, I can tear decks of cards too. I can suspend my entire body straight out balancing on my thumbs and toes. I can lift full grown men over my head with one arm. My resting heart rate is 36 bpm, and I can run real fast too.

To achieve this, I train on avg, less than 4 minutes a day. I'm going to show you how.

I've written literally hundreds of articles on the topic of Isometric Exercise for my Number 1 ranked fitness site My articles on health, fitness and martial arts have been published in every national newspaper in Ireland including; The Irish Independent, Irish Times, Evening Herald, and more. My work has been featured in professional medical journals such as Spine and martial arts publications like Irish Fighter.

When I released my first Isometrics program 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body 10 years ago, it changed the world of strength training and fitness.

Since its publication it's been ripped off multiple times by noted industry professionals and "guru's". As have many of my other programs.

In fact, I am so often copied that my images appear on leading fitness websites like T-Nation (without my permission I might add), whole articles of mine and images of me are used to promote fitness products made in China and sold in the US and Internationally, and (this is my favourite) multiple PERSONAL TRAINERS have used MY BEFORE AND AFTER IMAGES of ME, to promote themselves and their programs claiming credit for my physique and strength!

And over the years, I've redefined , tweaked and improved my training systems and seen the results over thousands of clients and as always on myself (I've deliberately endangered my health no less than 3 times by forcing myself into obesity - in order to demonstrate in real time the rapid results my systems produce).

My workout video's on YouTube are in the 200,000's of view counts and I have over 10,000 subscribers who read my email and practise my fitness programs each week. I have helped to transform thousands of lives....

However, I have saved my best work for last - in this, what I intend to be my FINAL program.

This new system is based on the last 10 years of my work in Exercise and Strength training, in Traditional Chinese Medicine and in the Martial Arts.

But before I get to that, before I explain EXACTLY what this Secret is....I need to point out some outright lies in the fitness industry - because in revealing why these aren't' true, I can show the real way to results.....

Lie 1 - You NEED cardio for weight loss.

Everyone has been heard that we have to engage in regular aerobic/cardiovascular exercise at least 3 times for our heart health and overall fitness and at least 5 times a week, for approximately an hour at a time for weight loss. This is repeated the world over by Doctors, Governments, diet groups, fitness clubs, gyms, personal trainers, and anyone you talk to about weight loss and getting in shape.

It’s why we walk, swim, cycle, do step and aerobic classes. Why we often quit fitness programs because many of find that boring, and it takes up to 5 hours of the week, not including commuting time, and we could be spending that time relaxing and having fun with friends and family.

This may be a little different type of thinking than you are used to so let me give you an example that will expose the truth….and why typical cardio and aerobic programs will make you fatter, weaker and less fit than you are now…

It takes 3,500 Kcals to burn off a pound of fat, give or take a few kcals. That means you have to expend 3,500 kcals in order to burn the equivalent energy stored in a lb of fat.

A person of 80kg (176lbs) walking on a treadmill for 1 mile uses about 60kcals of energy. At first glance that means to lose 1lb of stored fat, you’d have to walk over 58 miles. But it’s actually worse than that. Much worse.

Your body won’t start burning fat stores till for about 45 minutes into that walk, so we can pretty much ignore the first mile you do. After that roughly 85% of all the calories you burn will be from fat stores. So of that 60 kcals a mile only 51 calories come from your body fat. Given that to lose just 1 lb of fat walking it would take a walk of 68.6 miles.

There is no metabolic increase from walking. The minute you stop walking you stop burning those extra calories. This means to truly impact your body fat and get that 1 lb of fat off you’d need to do those 68.6 miles all at once. The average walking speed is about 3 mph. That translates to 20 minutes per mile. It would therefore take the average person 1372.2 minutes to walk off the energy is 1 lbs of fat. That’s 22 hours continuously walking to burn off 1 lb of fat. And of course that’s not talking into account anything you eat while doing your walk.

22 hours of continuous exercise to burn off 1 lb of fat based on the current recommendations of governments, exercise experts, doctors and personal trainers.

Can you think of more boring waste of your time? For 1 lb of fat loss? Not to mention the join damage to your ankles, knees and hips? And no one does this obviously they do 1-2 hours at most for training – so what have they achieved, a burn of about 60-70kcals. And the minute you eat a bowl of cereal you’ve eaten triple that.

How annoying and frustrating this must be when trying to lose weight. That’s why you will not lose weight like this. The programs given out today ARE DESIGNED TO BORE YOU.


Samurai Strength

Let me introduce "The Patient A Case Study"


Dropped 19kg (41.8 lbs) in 6 weeks

Dropped a total of 43kg  (94.6 lbs) of FAT in 12 weeks

Patient A is a 36 year old male. He is 5 foot 10 inches and when he came in to me he weighed 110 kg (242lbs) and was morbidly obese. He had tight hamstrings that would cramp on his left leg and suffered from painful calf spasm nightly. His lower back ached and he had fertility problems among many, many more health concerns.

Today, all of these problems are gone. Every last one of them.  He weighs 67kg (147.4 lbs), he relishes springing out of bed in the morning and hitting the gym. He has never had more energy. No aches or pains - the body of young man with a libido to match. His biggest problem was having to give away thousands of euro's worth of expensive suits and clothes, because they looked ridiculous on him after a few weeks.  It was all the more amusing for him, when he to repeat the give away 6 weeks after that as his new clothes looked ridiculous then as well.

His friends and family couldn't believe it. His wife was delighted. The thought he was on steroids, some wonder weight loss drug - he wasn't.

This is step by step what he did...

His workout, a whole body workout he was able to do standing and without moving took him 144 seconds to complete. (The fourth sequence in the Samurai Strength Vol. 1).

He would stay on this program, just performing this 2 and a half minute sequence once a day for 4 weeks. In that time he dropped 10kg (20.2 lbs).

How is this possible?

Typically most estimates show that 1 pound of muscle burns 7 to 15 calories per day to hang out and stay on your body. But what happens if you USE that muscle....?

Well several studies[1], including one by Dr. Wayne Westcott[2] shows that there is a fairly sizeable increase in calories used by the muscle to maintain and grow them when exposed to highly intense forms of muscular effort. In other words, the exercise in this course results in increase in protein turnover in the muscle mass, and thus the metabolic cost and energy demand of the muscles can hit as high as 50 kcals per pound of muscle per day.

Let me put that in context.

Patient A weighed  242 lbs with a body fat of 48%. That means he had a lean muscle mass of about  125 lbs.

This 144 second work utilises nearly every muscle in the body to its absolute peak.  He used a LOT of your body's available muscle, say 70lbs of it.

If you REALLY push yourself hard (and these techniques will make you), you could be looking at a top end of 3,500 kcal burnt in 24hrs from a 144 second workout. That's equivalent energy of 1 lbs of fat. (each lbs of fat roughly equals 3,500 kcals). Working out 5 days a week  that's a total kcal deficit of 17,500 kcals per week. That's 5lbs of fat per week. Blasted. Gone.

[1] Campbell, W., Crim, M., Young, V. and Evans, W. 1994. Increased energy requirements and changes in body compositionwith resistance training in older adults. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 60: 167-175.

Pratley, R., Nicklas, B., Rubin, M., Miller, J., Smith, A., Smith, M., Hurley, B., and Goldberg, A. 1994. Strength training increases resting metabolic rate and norepinephrine levels in healthy 50 to 65 year-old men. Journal of Applied Physiology, 76: 133-137.

Pikosky, M., Faigenbaum, A., Westcott, W., and Rodriguez, N. 2002. Effects of resistance training on protein utilization in healthy children. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 34 (5): 820-827.

Maisch B, Baum E, Grimm W. Die Auswirkungen dynamischen Krafttrainings nach dem Nautilus-Prinzip auf kardiozirkulatorische Parameter und Ausdauerleistungsfähigkeit (The effects of resistance training according to the Nautilus principles on cardiocirculatory parameters and endurance). Angenommen vom Fachbereich Humanmedizin der Philipps-Universität Marburg am 11. Dezember 2003[2]  “Why the Confusion on Muscle and Metabolism?,” Wayne Westcott, PhD.


Lie 2 - You need to lift weights to get strong.

100% absolutely untrue. In FACT it's the opposite.  You see  multiple studies have examined how Isometrics compare to other forms of training for strength development. All of them have found incredible increases in strength - for instance

An increase of 30% in 5 weeks was noted by Lindh M. in his 1979 study, "Increase of muscle strength from isometric quadriceps exercises at different knee angles"[1] ([1]

In 1985, in their paper, "The effects of two forms of isometric training on the mechanical properties of the triceps surae in man", Young K, McDonagh MJ, and Davies CT. found an increase of 40% in 8 weeks.[2] ([2]

Likewise Thépaut-Mathieu C1, Van Hoecke J, Maton B. reported an increase of 25 – 54% in 5 weeks in their 1988 paper, "Myoelectrical and mechanical changes linked to length specificity during isometric training". [3] ([3]

Compared to other methods such as concentric-only, eccentric-only training or even traditional (i.e. stretch-shortening cycle) weight lifting these results blow them out of the water.

The chart below shows a study by Jones (1987), in which some of the other dynamic options were compared with isometric training:


You simply can't argue with that kind of data.

Of course, this doesn't even include the 5,000 plus studies done in the Max Plank Institute by Muller and Hettinger. In 1954 these two German scientists, conclusively proved in over 5,000 independent clinical trials, that one could increase strength by 5-15% with a single 7 second stimulation once a week.

You have just performed such a contraction. If you do this alone, and nothing else for the rest of the week, you'll 5-15% stronger.

And the fitness instructors and personal trainer know this - they KNOW LIFTING WEIGHTS does more harm than good. And for a moment, let's ignore the obvious issues, like busted up weight lifter syndrome (where the shoulders, knees and hips are destroyed through repeated wearing of the joint under load). What of the heart?

The March 13th Issue of the Wall Street Journal 2003 appeared an article "Fears Mount Over Dangers of Pumping Iron", discussed the clear evidence that conventional weight training produces dangerous blood pressure levels. But it’s not new. Back before Charles Atlas was around the dangers of weight lifting were well known and the one of the first pioneers of physical culture, Alois P. Swoboda discussed this in the classic works.

You’ve probably experienced some of the more common problems associated with weight lifting many times before…

  • Washed-out feeling, tired, drained, lack of energy
  • Mild leg soreness, general aches and pains
  • Pain in muscles and joints
  • Sudden drop in performance
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Decreased immunity (increased number of colds, and sore throats)
  • Decrease in training capacity / intensity
  • Moodiness and irritability
  • Depression
  • Loss of enthusiasm
  • Decreased appetite
  • Increased incidence of injuries

A proper program should increase your health, not risk it. It should be the foundation of your health, supporting and enhancing your immune system, reducing the risk of injury and better preparing you and your body systems for a vigorous, full life.

Yet many trainers and fitness professionals instead of recognizing that you are suffering from the cumulative damage caused by their inefficient programs decide to push you harder – that YOU aren’t working hard enough – where the REAL PROBLEM is that they aren’t training you properly. It is their programs that don’t produce results, their stubborn insistence that they are right regardless of medical fact that leads to a compound of minor injuries that build and build and build resulting in chronic injury that will impact the rest of your life.

This is the truth, weight lifting is not half as effective as Isometrics for the development of strength and it carries significant risks for your long term health. With Samurai Strength it is INCREDIBLY SIMPLE to build muscle and strength VERY quickly. It does not involve lifting weights and constantly changing programs or making things increasingly complex. In fact it is just the opposite. With increases in muscle and strength less needs to be done in order to improve. Shocking, but true, both medically and practically speaking. I’ve done it myself and with countless clients.

Lie 3 - They Care About Your Long Term Health

The fitness market focus on young people between 20-35 that care about their appearance, and want to attract better partners, have a better body, and enjoy sport and health more. That’s pretty much it. And most of that is devoted to men who want to get big muscles or women who want to lose weight off the belly, bums and thighs.

Those who have been injured by these programs are ignored. They don’t want to take the time and effort to worry about you and they certainly don't care about the effect their program will have on you in 5-10 years time. . It’s not easy and they can’t make as much money off you. Don’t get me wrong there are some trainers that specialize in rehab, and most of them don’t have a clue as to what actually would get you over an injury fast. In fact most of their advice actually makes the healing process slower than it needs to be.

Those over 50 have an even greater risk of injury with the conventional programs they offer. Further they are incorrectly seen as needing more time to train. That isn’t the case, it’s just a sign of a poor, uneducated, uninterested trainer. Hey they want things simple. They don’t want to have to develop “modifications” to their programs or exercises.

What is more they shouldn’t need to. If they knew what they were doing in the first place the program and training routines they devised should be performable by anyone, regardless of injury, age or experience.

The training systems I teach and train are designed primarily to ensure good health, strength and vitality well into you 90's! For instance Ippei sensei of the Meibukan Okinawa Goju ryu. He's 75 years old and built like a powerhouse. The man is a solid rock of muscle.

Omori Sensei is  85 and continues to demonstrate Japanese Swordsmanship with a heavy steel samurai sword. I don't know many 85 year old's that live to that age and still command such strength and ability. Most of them don't have knees or hips that would let them move like that, let alone pull off a demo like that. But he's not alone.

Most of the great Iai (Japanese swordsmanship) Sensei live well into their late 90's, even the early 100's and still train daily

Proper training is based on UNSHAKABLE PRINCIPLES that underlie everything that is required to change the body and increase heart and lung health, strengthen bones, and joints, increase muscle and strength and decrease fat. It shouldn’t matter if you’re 20 or 60, fit or fat, man or a woman – the PRINCIPLES OF STRENGTH AND FITNESS REMAIN THE SAME.

That means if it works for a 20 year old man, it can work for a 75 year old woman with a bad back. You’ve seen that in the case studies I’ve released. The same program helped a 62 year old man develop a 6 pack, a 51 year old woman drop 10% body fat and build 13.2lbs muscles in 2 weeks and more.

ALL OF US – YOU INCLUDED work according to the SAME laws of physics and principles of human physiology…which means this program will work for you.

Read what these folks achieved when they added my workouts into their lives.

And this is all made possible using a specific style of workout that incorporates the secret of Samurai Strength that you will NOT find at your local gym or in the magazines.

Of course, all of this is well and good - and any program will give you some benefits if you stick to it - but that's the real problem isn't it - consistency. Sticking to a program be it a training program or a nutritional program is hard. Do you know why?

The truth is they want to make it hard for you. They want you to fail, so they can sell you another supplement, another gadget and fake solution. I've solved this problem.

Secret 1 - Short

Firstly by making the workouts so short. You don't need equipment. You don't need to go anywhere. It's literally, stand there like this. Hold that. Now stand like this. Hold that. Repeat and you're done in 5 minutes. Whole body workout, one of the most efficient and tough you'll do. But it leaves you energised, pumped and in great form - and that's secret number 2....

Secret 2 - Fun

These are fun workouts. It's a fun training system. We're getting in touch with our warrior roots and doing odd and magical things that leave you super I said, it's fun. We do things that we enjoy. So you're going to do these short workouts every day. It's like secret superhero training - who isn't going to do that? 😀

Secret 3 - Fast Results

Next up - fast results. There is nothing more motivating than fast results. You're going to see firmer muscles in a matter of days. You're going to be stronger in a matter of days. You're going to be leaner in a matter of days - and from just minutes of fun, fantastic easy training.

Secret 4 - No Will Power Required

Finally - there's the mindset, the motivation. In the Samurai Strength Series I am going to teach you how to develop the same laser like focused mindset of the samurai. Beyond that, I am going to share with you the techniques, rituals, tea's and herbal recipes used to both focus and relax the mind, how to overcome fear, worry and self defeat. For the samurai, our greatest opponent is always ourselves. I will show the hidden strategies I have used in my own life and taught to my students that will allow you victory over laziness, bad habits and poor decisions and allow you to stick to this program and more and FINALLY get you the health you deserve.

Here's How It Works

Samurai Strength is more than your typical fitness program. For one thing I am not going to just sell you a program abandon you. I'm here, with you, for the long haul. Samurai Strength contains over 30 volumes of detailed instruction, both comprehensive written programs and of course full HD Video downloads.

Each month I'm going to release a new volume. That volume will be available for download and purchase for 3-4 weeks only.

That's it.

Then it comes down. I won't make that volume available again for at least a year, maybe more as there is close to 30 volumes scheduled for release so it may be 2.5 years before that volume is released and there is a LOT of material to work through.

Here's a quick overview of what I'll be teaching you....

  • Vol 1. Samurai Isometrics - over 43 martial arts originated Isometrics designed not only to build muscle built insane levels of connective tissue strength.
  • Vol 2. Taren Conditioning exercises - A traditional Samurai workout and conditioning program with a big ass stick. Plus my Tanren Isometrics and stretching program. This program is designed to build a body that cannot be injured and teach you how to train muscles not used in any other workout program for a bulletproof body.
  • Vol 3. Special Forces Modern Samurai Solo Conditioning drills - these are combined to create a comprehensive callisthenics exercises system used by special forces groups everywhere. Become fitter than you ever believed possible with a LIFETIME of unique, 10 minute or less workouts.
  • Vol 4. Knife Survival, learn the secrets of defending yourself from knife violence. Learn to use the most common weapon available and discover ancient samurai techniques with modern applications. Covers everything from club violence to terrorism. Learn the same techniques I teach to police and military around the world that have saved countless lives
  • Vol 5. Advanced Arm Specific Isometrics - Hundreds of Individual Isometric Exercises for the arms utilising a traditional samurai tool that you can pick up and bring with you everywhere. There are over 10,000 possible workouts in this colume alone. Later there will be a volume for abs, back, chest and legs
  • Vols 6 and 7. The Secrets of Samurai Nutrition is just shy of 400 pages.. I'll teach you what to eat, when to eat, how to eat.... I'll even teach you how to identify illness and disease accurately and how to correctly fix this and prevent illness with your foods. Food is the THE best medicine and the port of first call in the treatment of disease according to TCM and the samurai physicians.....With over 1,000 pages of additional support material including; my personal Cookbooks, Food guides, cooking vids and more
  • Vol 8. Secrets of Samurai Shoulder Repair. This is by far, at over 240 pages the most detailed guide to treating shoulder injuries I've ever seen. Follow the four stage process and develop unbreakable shoulders. Exercises, pressure points, herbal formula's I've covered everything. There's also a detailed bonus section on post operative shoulder repair.
  • Vols 9 and 10 -This combined volume is nearly 400 pages of highly detailed instruction on wrist and ankle rehab and repair with specialist traditional exercises, not covered in previous courses or really anywhere for that matter, and it also includes a new take on some exercises you will have seen in previous volumes - you'll learn isometrics to HEAL, not just build muscle. In these volumes though I also cover conditions and treatment for arthritis and broken bones in detail - going far beyond just issues with the wrist and ankle - this information is applicable for every bone and joint in your body. And can help you not only prevent the development of conditions such as arthritis, but also help those you may know who already suffer from these scourges. Exercises, pressure points, herbal formula's. yoga videos, I've covered everything. There's also a detailed bonus section on postoperative ankle and wrist repair.
  • Vol 11 Samurai Philosophy - probably the most important book I'll ever release in this series. Covers everything, how to live life, how to approach stress, trauma, joy etc how to deal with multiple life situations.
  • And there's a WHOLE lot more to come including...
  • Special Forces Stretching - Modern Samurai Stretching program for the combat ready warrior plus my back mobility Isometric stretching program.
  • Special Forces Modern Samurai Partner Conditioning drills - yep, get a workout biddy and lift them! I'll also show you some group activity and co-ordination techniques in this volume - some cool stuff, like how to search high walls for explosives and other awesome little tricks.
  • Special Forces Modern Samurai Partner Conditioning drills - yep, get a workout biddy and lift them! I'll also show you some group activity and co-ordination techniques in this volume - some cool stuff, like how to search high walls for explosives and other awesome little tricks.
  • Advanced Isometric Occlusion Training - this is off the charts insane level stuff. Dangerous in the wrong hands.

An Exercise from Vol1 - yes my back is that wide and muscular

Shoulder Conditioning from my Special Forces training

Detailed Pressure Point Guides to Unlock Injury Recovery, Increases Strength, Stamina and more

Detailed Pressure Point Guides to Unlock Injury Recovery, Increases Strength, Stamina and more

Some of the Special Forces Workouts You'll Learn in Vol 3!

Detailed instruction on building and using your own Samurai Workout Equipment!

Special Samurai Breathing and Strengthening Techniques

STOP FAILING FORWARD… It’s Time To Take Control Of Your Destiny And SPEED Towards True Success

Let me explain…

…I’ve seen hundreds of people just like you.

They arrive at pages like this, and do nothing. They fail to even start.

This is typical. 

I’ve seen it time and time again.

But it doesn’t need to be like this.

You don’t need to fail.

You could achieve the body of your dreams, incredible strength, a lean, sexy, powerful body, be free from injury and illness and you could do it FASTER and EASIER then you thought possible.

It’s actually quite simple.

It all starts with taking the RIGHT STEP forward today.

When you invest Samurai Strength today you’ll receive:

Volume #1: Isometrics - Strength Secret of the Samurai

This is one of the most important pieces of Samurai Strength as it allows you to build that lean, healthy, sexy, strong body with JUST minutes of exercise.  Here you will learn:

Over 43 New Isometric Exercises

I've broken these techniques, based on centuries old martial arts strengthening programs, but one I've never shown before, into 4 groups

The Lying Sequence - a series of 15 exercises performed, lying down that develop the entire body.

The Standing Sequence - a series of 15 exercises performed from a standing position

The Neck Sequence - a series of 4 incredible exercises that utilise hidden pressure points to supercharge the body's health and treat specific illnesses

The Isometric Kata - The 144 Second Sequence that stripped nearly 100 lbs from Patient A in just 12 weeks!

The Breath of Vitality

A 90+ page pdf manual covering:

  • Ancient breathing methods, known to the Samurai to build laser like focus and incredible, near supernatural strength
  • Detailed descriptions of all the exercises
  • HD photos illustrating every posture and move, including variations I'm not counting in the total...oh and there are some x-rays to show proper bone alignment
  • Detailed pressure points guides to unlock hidden energy and healing techniques - never before revealed to a western audience

Over 2 hours of HD Video Training

EVERY exercise taught in HD Digitial Video that you can access any time, anywhere.

Access to my full webinar for this volume, teaching:

  • The 9 exercises of the The Isometric Kata,
  • Dynamic Tension and Isometrics
  • Fundamental martial arts techniques
  • Proper punching techniques
  • Defences against being grabbed

There's a lot, lot more inducing some unannounced bonus footage...


For a short time at the start of the launch I will be including some additional bonus files including:

  • A 20+ guide on Herbal Formulas used by the Samurai to augment and improve their training, recovery and meditation. Included are easy to make formulas to build blood and muscle, to build energy and focus and to quieten the mind and spirit for relaxation and meditation.
  • An 10+ page detailed routine guide to give you multiple different workouts using this system, how to integrate it with my other programs and the 20 week Isometric Tanren Challenge! 
  • 12 Formula and Recipe Cards - 4 training formulas, a recovery formula, weight loss soup and five weight loss teas!
  • 4 HD Training Posters - Easy to print out high pixel reference posters that you can hang in your training space! These posters are beautiful to look at and really effective for helping you keep the sequence in mind!

ONLY $67.00




Samurai Strength Volume 1 $67
Monthly Subscription $47
100 Page PDF Book
43+ HD Streaming Videos
4 Deluxe HD Training Posters
Bonus Files (Tea Formula’s, Routine Guides etc)
Monthly Live Video Q&A
Additional Bonus Files and Mini Programs 

Each Month Get the Next Vol (100-400 pgs) automatically, plus all the videos, cookbooks, infographics, herbal guides and more



Samurai Strength Volume 1 $127
Monthly Subscription $97
100 Page PDF Book
43+ HD Streaming Videos
4 Deluxe HD Training Posters
Bonus Files (Tea Formula’s, Routine Guides etc)
Monthly Q&A
Additional Bonus Files and Mini Programs

Each Month Get the Next Vol (100-400 pgs) automatically, plus all the videos, cookbooks, infographics, herbal guides and more

Vote on the Next Volume Released
One on One Monthly Personal Coaching Session
Personal Program Design
Personal Nutritional Program
Herbal Consultation and Prescription if appropriate


I intend this to be my "final" program as it were. I'm going to cover literally everything I know and have been doing for the last 10 years.

Each volume will contain both video and manuals as appropriate and will sell on a limited run, if I choose to make it available (and for many editions I have not) between $77-$127 per volume.

You can choose between two options. The Standard option is only $47 per month. That's less than a $1.60 coffee per day). Every 30 days you get access to the next volume automatically including all the bonus material associated with it and exclusive 1-2hr private webinars for each volume, along with the monthly 1-2 hours Q&A were I'll go through group questions on the previous month's material and answer any other questions.

With the standard edition you get each and every volume at between 38% and 170% off!!!! (saving you between $30 and $80 per volume). In addition you get bonus material and "mini- courses" (for instance proper sleep posture and then some fun stuff like, how the samurai slept and placed the swords for self defence while sleeping - and of course, how you can modify this to modern life - stuff not big enough to make a volume out of, but cool non the less) that will not be available on the standalone options.

That's the standard level.

The Coaching level covers a whole lot more.

The Coaching level - is everything above + personal coaching from me. We'll do a monthly 1-on-1 Skype session as well as weekly support and I'll create a personalised training and nutritional program based on your goals. And these aren't short off the cuff emails - I prepare exhaustive detailed guides for my 1-on-1 clients, in fact, the avg about 30 pages of instruction each month. That's not including private video instruction I shoot specifically for you.

This is ONLY $97 per month - which is INSANELY good value. Keep in mind a 15 minute 1-on-1 with me in my clinic is $90.  An hour long consultation with me is $250. And you're getting all the course material, all the books, all the videos and bonus material each month AND 1-on-1 time with me AND these personalised detailed guides for JUST $97.

Obviously I can't keep it at that low a price.

When I publically launch this program in a few weeks it will be $250 per month). This is going to be strictly limited. Like, very limited. I've allocated 10 slots total for this.  All 10 of those slots have been taken. I'm opening 5 more and that's definitely it. And I expect those to go BEFORE the pre-launch ends in 24 hours. Keep in mind, there are over 1,600 people on the list who got the link to this page. And keep in mind my waiting list for membership is over a YEAR LONG!





What Type of Results Can YOU Expect?

Tom Cruise

My Forearms….when I went to put on this jacket, I couldn’t wear this jacket, at the time period because I couldn’t get my forearms in there, because I’ve increased my muscle mass so much…

Tom Cruise

LastSamurai POSTERThis is a direct quote from movie star Tom Cruise discussing the physical transformation he underwent through Samurai Training for the movie the Last Samurai.

Tom Cruise isn't wrong. He experienced a profound physical and even mental shift while undergoing Samurai Training for his 2003 movie the Last Samurai. As director Edward Zwick also commented, "He (Tom Cruise) literally had to change his body. He had to put on weight in his legs, strength in his legs,  so that he could maintain these stances....

But of course, Tom Cruise is not the only person to benefit from the ancient feudal Japanese form of training, called Tanren...


I must say, after only two days, and two workouts less than 5 minutes I notice more definition than I have in the past two years of a combination of weight training, bodyweight training, and HIIT. I am 6'1" and 180Lbs, so I do not need to lose weight, but I am feeling things tighten up, have that flat stomach, and the weird thing is I don't need as much sleep.

I am blown away that you take the time to thoughtfully respond. I wll definitely tell all my friends about your program (after a few more weeks of results :O) ).I have probably spent ~$1000 or more on various e-books/equipment and have never had such an effective program and helpfulness.

Thank you.

- Ryan

Hey Paul,

Just wanted to thank you. After following your materials for a while I've come to the conclusion that you're a bit of a GENIUS when it comes to the workings of the human body!!!

I'm sure your competitors Pray daily that their customers never latch on to what you offer!  I'm going to re-visit your "7-Seconds" Isometric course (give it my full attention & intensity), and precisely document my progress (pics and everything), as to compare with what I've been doing the past 2 years.

- Samuel

Hi Paul,

Please let me start off by saying great program!  I really enjoy the exercises presented but what sets your course apart from all other isometric instruction I have seen is your instruction of HOW TO MAKE an isometric contraction. That little bit of info is pure gold.

Thanks for your course Paul....

- Nick

Hey Paul,

First off I just want to say thanks for the program, I've only been going 3 weeks so far and just feel hard muscles where I never did before. Thanks!

- Thomas

Dear Paul,

I am 50 years old and I am a Chinese Kempo black belt 3rd. Degree, and I am in beter shape than when I was 25 thanks to your e-book. I don't like weigths, I use only to test my strength and last month I did bench press with 140 KG 6 reps and curls with 70 KG 10 reps. I am very happy because I don't feel like 50, I feel (and I can do anything I want) like 25.

Thank you very much,

- Nilson

Hi Paul,

I've been following your program now for a couple of months. I haven't missed a day. I am definitely stronger than I've ever been in my life and my weight's down to where I wanted it. I'm 67 years old and have never put much stock in exercise before. I've come to realize for me it's now or never. I feel great and am feeling good about myself.  I wasn't severely overweight when I began. I started out at about 155 and now I'm at 135.

- Ron

JUST doing the isometric kata, I'm seeing changes in my musculature that I didn't know could show up. I'm getting a stronger definition in my chest, my arm muscles look like they're genuinely tethered to the bone, and my back and legs feel prepared to swap places with Atlas. I couldn't be more excited. This training seems to have been just on time. It was like a full progression; PB exercises taught my muscles isolation strength; Maximetrics incorporated multiple muscle groups; Samurai Strength turns your entire body into a complete forge of muscle. This is insanity."

That 9th position brings it all together, because WOW. I felt my nerve energy vibrating throughout, I felt my muscles shaking, but I truly felt it in my tendons as well, especially with my inner hips!

- Jarell Lindsey

...just by doing a couple of the kata moves that I could remember every day since the webinar made me feel great and I am 66 years old and have had 69 surgeries in my lifetime. I just can't get over how good the kata exercises made me feel!

- Lou Delpha

Thanks a million for the workout. Its brilliant. Great to be able to watch it again and again and again!

- Martin

I just did the first exercise and I was pumping sweat in seconds! Not to mention all the energy I had afterwards, it was AWESOME!"

- Tyler

You can have all this and more – this program will show you how. A perfect physique and perfect health can be yours, and not through hours of arduous training, but just minutes….

My Super Samurai Guarantee 

My No-Bogus-Promises But Just
An Iron-Clad, Risk-Free Guarantee

Don't just take my word for it.

You’ve seen the photos, read the case studies…so now check it out for yourself. I want you to test this information out at my expense. Because I believe this information can help you change your physique, improve your health and skyrocket your strength be you 20-90, man or woman. That's why I'm taking all the risk. I'm offering you a Zero-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Really, there's absolutely no risk on your part. If this program doesn't work for you, I'll buy the complete package back from you!

In fact, if you don't like the package for any reason, just delete and email me within 90 days and I will refund your purchase price immediately. No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings. And we part as friends. How's that?

I can do this because my customers are gaining muscle mass left and right!

This is NOT a book filled with "theories" and hype! Just Scientific fact, formula and the tried and tested techniques and exercises that have produced the amazing results you’ve seen.

It contains information that's easy to follow and actually works. I get flooded with testimonials almost every day from people who are changing their bodies and building strength FASTER than they ever thought possible. So if the program has worked for thousands of people, I'm confident it can work for you. I guarantee it.

If you're still unsure, don't decide now. I want you to grab your package today, read it, use it to create your own training routine or use one of my pre-set programs. I want you to give it an honest try.

If for any reason it either doesn't work for you, or you're NOT satisfied, let me know and I'll give you 100% of your money back. End of. You pay only if you get results! There's absolutely nothing to lose on your part.

So Let's Wrap This Up...

I am releasing this one of a kind course, that will show you the scientifically proven methods to get in incredible shape in just seconds, but there is a catch. This program will


Then it's gone!


This Volume and Pre-Release is ONLY Available until Midnight July 20th.

This program has been unavailable to the public for the last 11 months. In a few weeks, I'll be offering it to the public again...maybe....the people on this list have been waiting for nearly a year after missing out the first time.  I have 10 slots 3 slots 2 slots open for coaching. If those fill up I may  NOT offer the program to the public.

If you want this Isometrics Program and access to all the other Volumes, this is your shot.


Samurai Strength Volume 1 $67
Monthly Subscription $47
100 Page PDF Book
43+ HD Streaming Videos
4 Deluxe HD Training Posters
Bonus Files (Tea Formula’s, Routine Guides etc)
Monthly Live Video Q&A
Additional Bonus Files and Mini Programs 

Each Month Get the Next Vol (100-400 pgs) automatically, plus all the videos, cookbooks, infographics, herbal guides and more



Samurai Strength Volume 1 $127
Monthly Subscription $97
100 Page PDF Book
43+ HD Streaming Videos
4 Deluxe HD Training Posters
Bonus Files (Tea Formula’s, Routine Guides etc)
Monthly Q&A
Additional Bonus Files and Mini Programs

Each Month Get the Next Vol (100-400 pgs) automatically, plus all the videos, cookbooks, infographics, herbal guides and more

Vote on the Next Volume Released
One on One Monthly Personal Coaching Session
Personal Program Design
Personal Nutritional Program
Herbal Consultation and Prescription if appropriate


Unlock the secret to incredible strength and rapid fire fat burning with the Samurai Strength Vol 1 today,

Paul 'Batman' O'Brien, B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Adv. Dip. OBB, Cert Clin. Med. Cert. CHM, M.AFPA, M.ETCMA, M.C.Th.A.

Creator of 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body, Project Dragon and Samurai Strength

Fitness, Martial arts and Health Advisor for Irish Fighter

Published in The Irish Independent, Irish Times, Evening Herald, Spine Magazine, Irish Fighter and seen on TV3's Ireland Am

P.S. Remember, you can’t get Samurai Strength anywhere else or with any other program. There have been some great programs out there, but NONE of them have this COMBINED FORMULA FOR RAPID FAT LOSS and SUPER STRENGTH in less time.

P.P.S – Research shows you that these methods are OVER TWICE AS EFFECTIVE than any other form of training. And now you can do it in the comfort of your own home using the 43+ follow-along home workout videos AND 90+ page pdf guide you’ll get in the Samurai Strength Volume 1 - Isometrics. Start burning fat and building strength now!

P.P.P.S – These proven workouts are shorter, yet MORE effective just because they use secret ancient techniques only just now being studied by Western science . You can have this secret as well… and unlock the fat-burning, strength building machine that is locked insdie you.  It’s always been there – NOW, YOU CAN SET IT FREE. And your results and complete satisfaction are guaranteed – or I’ll give you every penny back. That’s the Samurai Strength guarantee that you won’t get anywhere else.