Discover How You Can Use the Same Samurai Training Secret Used by the World's Biggest Movie Star to Build a Warriors Body - NO Previous Training Experience Required!

What was Tom Cruise's Physique Transformation Sequence? ... Take just a few minutes out of your day today, and you could easily change your life (don’t worry, no experience is necessary)

Special Ground-breaking Report by Paul 'Batman' O'Brien, B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Adv. Dip. OBB, Cert Clin. Med. Cert. CHM, M.AFPA, M.ETCMA, M.C.Th.A.

Creator of 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body, Project Dragon and Samurai Strength

Fitness, Martial arts and Health Advisor for Irish Fighter

Published in The Irish Independent, Irish Times, Evening Herald, Spine Magazine, Irish Fighter and seen on TV3's Ireland Am

Tom Cruise

My Forearms….when I went to put on this jacket, I couldn’t wear this jacket, at the time period because I couldn’t get my forearms in there, because I’ve increased my muscle mass so much…

Tom Cruise

LastSamurai POSTERThis is a direct quote from movie star Tom Cruise discussing the physical transformation he underwent through Samurai Training for the movie the Last Samurai.

Tom Cruise isn't wrong. He experienced a profound physical and even mental shift while undergoing Samurai Training for his 2003 movie the Last Samurai. As director Edward Zwick also commented, "He (Tom Cruise) literally had to change his body. He had to put on weight in his legs, strength in his legs,  so that he could maintain these stances....

But of course, Tom Cruise is not the only person to benefit from the ancient feudal Japanese form of training, called Tanren.

With Samurai Strength Vol 2: Tanren you’ll…

  • Learn the Samurai Secret that Forges a Mind of Steel and Empower Yourself With The Ability To Discipline Yourself and Overcome Injury and Weakness And Attack Each Day With Vigour and Success
  • Discover the 1 Traditional Samurai Training Tool Hugely That Hollywood Stars and Martial Arts Maters Have Used to Build Incredible Bodies with Incredible Power.
  • Future Proof Your Muscle, Tendons and Ligaments So That You Can Continue To Live a Life of Vitality and Benefit From It Years From Now Without Fear of Injury
  • Find Out How You Can Achieve Samurai Strength of Body and Mind Quicker Than You Ever Thought Possible

This Volume is ONLY Available until Midnight Nov 25th.

Then it's gone. For at least 2 and a half years. Maybe even 3. If you want this New True Strength, Injury Proofing and Conditioning Program this is your shot.

“ Tom Cruise on His Results with Samurai Strength Training":

What Others Are Saying About My Samurai Strength Program :

Finally Revealed: How the Samurai Prepared Their Body's For a Life of Strength Free From Injury

Have you ever dreamed of being strong, supple and injury resistant?

Sadly such a balance is not often found in Western training methods.

  • 1


    Weight lifting leads to chronic damage to the joints and heart muscle, and creates bloated muscles that rip and tear easily leading to months off painful rehabilitation. Muscle strains and even bone fractures are common. So is the risk of death. Yale New Haven Hospital surgeon John Elefteriades and colleagues reported in the journal Cardiology that they've documented a link between heavy lifting and torn aortas - and in third of those cases, the young fit men lifting only half their body - died. There are literally THOUSANDS of reports on the damage caused by weight lifting - even when form and load aren't an issue (and very few - I'm looking at CrossFit and your local gym trainer) know how to do most weigh lifting exercises properly. The most common injuries are too the lower back, followed by serious cervical (neck) trauma and then devastating damage to the shoulders and knees...but you're also looking at: Subarachnoid aneurysmal hemorrhage Ruptures of the pectoralis major, biceps, triceps, and quadriceps muscles Fracture of the dome of the talus and Kienbock's syndrome among others. I won't even touch the amount compression damage and joint shearing weight lifting causes that leads to chronic pain. And, perhaps most disappointingly of all - the muscles built from conventional weight training aren't very strong and in fact leave you weak and ripe for injury - and I'll show you some horrifying examples of that later...

  • 2


    Crossfit and other popular methods cause deeply serious injuries to the joints due to poor lifting and fundamentally dangerous philosophies that push people to serious medical issues such as rhabdomyolysis - This is a condition where through the extreme nature of the workouts and the culture that breeds a never stop attitude, your muscles cells explode.
    They die, leaching protein out into the blood stream, including one form called myoglobin.
    These should NEVER be in your blood, and your kidneys aren't designed to deal with them. This can produce a serious injury to the kidney, up to and including death to all or part of the kidney in a very short amount of time, and is, of course potentially lethal. The muscles themselves are left damaged and dying. They become inflamed, swelling to prevent you doing something so stupid again and causing even more damage. Unfortunately the mechanism necessary to clear this local muscle damage is now offline trying to help you not die.
    This is life threatening.
    Oh and one other thing - once those muscles are torn and the cells killed, they are permanently damages, filled with fatty scar tissue You'll never be strong, or firm again.
    Even the founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman admitted,
    "It can kill you," he said. "I've always been completely honest about that."
    Even today the West has corrupted traditional training techniques - Crossfit gyms use sledgehammers and tyre's replicating a crucial part of Samurai Straining (through they didn't use sledgehammer and tyres. Like many aspects of fitness and training Crossfit has taking something once useful for building strength and muscle, cultified it and left people broken, injured and dying because of a fundamentally flawed mentality.

  • 3


    And sadly we see this mentality in so many other places. Just look at what's become of Yoga. Yoga is an ancient and effective practice of nourishing the body, fundamentally tied to a spiritual set of beliefs. Those beliefs have been cast aside and the movements corrupted and westernised into a series of aggressive stretches that results in devastating injuries.
    It's funny, I deal with a lot of sports injuries in my medical practice, weight lifters who are headed for surgery with destroyed shoulders, Crossfiters with destroyed knee joints, ruptured Achilles tendons and chronic damage to their bodies. People expect that when I tell them. What surprises them is that about 50% of the injuries I see happen in Yoga studies.
    Due to a surge in popularity and a lack of connection to those who have spent years in the study of the discipline Yoga teachers have little knowledge of postural correction, organ and muscle imbalances (which they are meant to be experts in) and as such prescribe poses designed for a "workout" and "flexibility" in a class setting - this results in ruptured spinal disks, Achilles tendon ruptures, dislocated an broken ribs, blinding headaches, and even stroke, brain trauma and more - even in those fit and young.

Given this it's no wonder you'll have been disappointed, trying a new way to get in shape only to become injured, sore and worse off than when you began. My inbox is filled with HUNDREDS OF THESE STORIES.

People just like you, looking to lose weight, get strong, be fit and healthy and left broken with heart problems, joint problems, stiffness and chronic pain.

So, please know, if you EVER dreamed of being fit, strong, supple and injury resistant, then you were alone.

You are not alone.

In fact, I had a dream just like yours and over the past the last 15 years  I’ve been able to achieve and live that dream.

It was harder than you would think to achieve.   Because as a personal trainer, I was trained in conventional in fitness methods. I was trained in Westernized versions of Eastern fitness methods - I didn't know any different, but like you I was tired....physically tired from draining, injury inducing workouts. I was tired from being sore every day. I was tired of my joints hurting. I was tired of being stiff and heavy.

But I found answers.....

The good news for you is you don’t have to go through this struggle.  I can show you HOW you can SKIP over all the troubles and problems that others have faced.

That’s exactly what Samurai Strength Vol 2: Tanren is built to do.

  • My Exact 20+ Specialized Exercises Used by the Samurai, and now you, to;
  • Develop their muscles, tendons and ligaments to their physical peak...
  • Through a range of motion under loaded tension.....
  • Conditioning the body against injury
  • 5 Specific Strengthening Exercises that are the weak point of nearly every athlete and non athlete alike
  • Over 20 specific Laser Targeted Isometric Exercises to build near superhuman strength in the muscles, tendons and ligaments and turning the entire body into the purpose driven body of a warrior Using A Formula And Strategy No One Else Knows
  • Detailed instructions on how to build or improvise Cost Effective And Highly Efficient traditional Samurai Strength Training equipment which drives you to success faster
  • Proven, Reliable Method the Samurai Used to Cultivate and Develop Endless Physical and Mental Endurance and much more....

The methods revealed in Samurai Strength have been tested over the centuries by the martial arts masters and great swordsmen and women of feudal Japan. And here are what a select few, lucky, qualified and highly successful customers who have been shown these methods are saying......


This Volume is ONLY Available until Midnight Nov 25th.

I am going to be direct, to the point and short.  Normally you read those marketing sales pages and they talk about some kind of “false scarcity”…

…It’s a tactic those use to get you to BUY NOW rather than to procrastinate and go about your ways.

In fact, it’s this scarcity and impulse to act that’s one of the driving successes behind Samurai Strength ...more about that later…

…But today I am not going to try and create some false scarcity.  I am just going to lay down the facts for you.

FACT:  You Can Build Strength Through Movement the Same Way the Martial arts Masters of Japan Have for Centuries and Become Strong, Powerful and Injury Resistant

FACT: There are limited amount of people that can use this product successfully so we have limited the number of people who can purchase this product.

FACT: There is a definite end date to this promotion.  As you read on you’ll see how ridiculous the price is and when you do, then realize I can’t run at a loss like this for long.

So the facts are that this offer is LIMITED both in NUMBER and LENGTH OF OFFER.  You either act NOW and act FAST or you give it up for good.

There are no second chances here. It's gone. For at least 2 and a half years. Maybe even 3. If you want this New True Strength, Injury Proofing and Conditioning Program this is your shot.

Wanna Know Why We Are and the Samurai Were Strong, In Shape and Injury Free While You Are Still Failing?

Well, If you've tried to get strong and powerful

OR if you've gotten tripped up in all of the steps, and haven't managed to even get a true start ...

OR if you can't stop the niggling injuries...

...then you are not alone…

In fact if you’ve:

  •  Lifted Weights
  • Hit the 1 hour Boxercise class
  • Subscribed to these "Insanity Style programs"
  • Signed up and Sweated in Yoga Class
  • Or Worse joined a Crossfit "cult"

Then you already know the answer:

Conventional Strength and Fitness

= Injury and Weakness   

We don't waste our time and money on useless tools & strategies that get no results.

We use a Simple, Traditional and Centuries Old Proven Methods that keeps us laser-focused on what we do and guarantees the success of all our strength and fitness training.

….Did you see that “GUARANTEED SUCCESS”  ...You just can’t beat that.

Before I go any further I want stop for a moment and teach you something…

…I want you to know that this is just a SMALL TASTE of what I have for you…

…You see, the Samurai could not afford to be injured. When you were a professional soldier, obligated to be ready at a moment's notice to be combat ready, willing to give your all, even your very lift for you master you could not risk being injured through training! What good is a man who can't fight because he screwed up in his training? The shame of that would be impossible for a Samurai to live with....

A Samurai would be put to the test on the field of battle soon enough - training was designed to prepare the body for the rigors of life and death combat, it was designed to make you strong and to teach you to endure in any situation you may be faced with on the field of battle, it was a philosophy of combat and mind or preparation - and their training methods had to do 2 VERY important things.....

So if you want to achieve real success, if you want to be strong enough to deal with anything life throws at you, physically and mentally, if you want to learn to endure then you need to master not only this BUT do so using the two key methods of the Samurai...

1. Develop Strength in EVERY Range of Motion while under Load

We've already seen it's not enough to have big muscles - without the strength of the connective tissue, the tendons and the ligaments you don't have real strength - those muscles are for show only and a devastating injury waiting to happen. Just watch -

Triple H, a HUGE monster of a man tore his quad right off his leg - WALKING - because the muscles, built through weight lifting were overdeveloped and he had not built the strength in his connective tissue to support that muscle. He tore it straight off the bone.

But that's not an isolated incident. Guys like this, routinely tear muscles off their bones in simple movements.

Sure, Triple H is huge - intimidating with his size, but walking tears his huge muscles from his weak connection to the bone and he's crippled. On the field of battle, in true life and death combat he'd be a liability. Worse he'd be dead. For all that muscle, it's only for show, not true functional strength.

The Samurai trained their muscles, tendons, ligaments, internal organs and minds to bear the rigours of life and death combat, of nearly 100 years constant brutal warfare. The methods of the winners have been passed down in the koryu - the old martial arts of feudal Japan of which I am a student and teacher. Using the methods they passed on you will develop:

  • Real world strength - not just massive muscle but the strength of the structure, sinews, tendons and ligaments...
  • Making you injury resistant
  • And able to use your strength in any fashion and in any situation

2. Endurance

This doesn't mean you'll be better at running a marathon (you will actually). What I am talking about is the endurance of mind and body, the true Strength of the Samurai.

What good is speed, what good is power, if you have nothing left in the tank and you’re heading into round 6…? When all you have is the will, one must also learn to endure…and if nothing else - that was the greatest lesson I was taught in all my years training. To endure.

Israeli Special Forces Boiler Room Drill
Israeli Special Forces Boiler Room Drill

When I was carrying huge logs up soggy earthed mountains with members of the special forces, when I was training the Isometric Kata for upwards to 20 repetitions, when I was put in the Israeli Special Forces Boiler Room Drill, when I faced the Bullring in Shotokan fighting hundreds of opponents, till I couldn't feel the impact anymore, till I couldn't move my limbs anymore and I kept going, when I was doing the HUNDREDS of repetitions of the exercises taught in this volume - I learnt - endure.

And there are different types of endurance in the martial arts...and needed for the battles of life and these exercises teach and unify all three.....

  1. Muscular endurance: The ability to continue to relax and contract the muscles for extended periods of time. As we use the muscles the various fibres fatigue and in addition to this we could add, physical endurance, the ability of the body (muscles) to withstand trauma be it from, impact of strikes, throws or joint locks.
  2. Cardiovascular endurance: The ability of the heart and lungs to circulate oxygen and blood to the muscles and to maintain a heart rate that supports continued activity, in other words high effort, without a high intense heart rate.
  3. Mental endurance: The most important of - without this the others are undermined, their lugs cut from underneath the. This is the ability to psychologically keep going, maintaining focus and attention. I was always partial to how Rocky summed this up -

"The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place It will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me or nobody is going to hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much can you take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!"

Rocky Balboa

It is not enough to be physically strong; we must learn to be mentally strong, to endure - to be tough. Founder of MovNat, Erwan Le Corre, said, “Some people with great muscular strength may lack toughness and easily crumble when circumstances become too challenging. On the other hand, some people with no particularly great muscular strength may be very tough, i.e., capable of overcoming stressful, difficult situations or environments.

He's not wrong. I see guys in the shared dojo we train, huge muscular guys with mean faces, look terrified as I walk over grit stone floors barefoot. Or pick up barbells without gloves. Sure they can put up big numbers and they look intimidating, but ask them to move out of their comfort zone and the crumble.

The focus then of Tanren, the exercises in this volume is to maximise the muscle strength, the strength of the connective tissues and fascia and maximise the efficiency of the cardiovascular output of the heart all while building the mind into a razor sharp steel blade of focus and discipline.

In just minutes from now YOU could be using THESE PILLARS for GUARANTEED Success to Build a Body a Mind of TRUE STRENGTH and WITHOUT the Risk of Reoccurring Injury …

…The ENTIRE Samurai Strength Vol.2 Tanren Edition  that I’ve created for you is based on these 2 pillars.

When you invest in Samurai Strength Vol. 2 today you’ll receive:

Inclusion #1: Over 20 of the Exact Specialized Exercises Used by the Samurai that I teach in the dojo today.

Kesa2This is one of the most important pieces of  the entire Samurai Strength Program  as it allows you to achieve strength in EVERY range of motion and conditions your connective tissue for full body strength and power.

I've included detailed text instructions and filmed each and every one in HD streaming video for you.

These Tanren Drills are valued at: $240 (given I was taught 1 at a time in each class I took for over $12, not including seminar's that cost $100's to attend!)

Inclusion #2: The 5 Specific Strengthening Exercises that are the weak point of nearly every athlete and non athlete alike

FGS2The reason why I’ve included this in Samurai Strength Vol 2: Tanren is because it allows you to overcome an in built flaw and fatal weakness of modern life - one the Samurai didn't suffer from. Using these key 5 exercises means you are more likely to achieve success and resist needless injury and chronic pain and weakness from conditions like carpal tunnel

I've included detailed text instructions and filmed each and every one in HD streaming video for you.

These 5 Specific Strengthening Exercises is valued at: $29.95

Inclusion #3: 8 Samurai Stretches

achillesStrThe number one reason why I have included this in Samurai Strength Vol 2: Tanren is that you can use the daily stretches to correct several structural imbalances caused by the modern lifestyle that lead to chronic spinal and organ problems and even serious illness. Doing these bringing you closer to success and dramatically reduces your risk of illness and injury despite being incredibly simple to perform.

I've included detailed text instructions and filmed each and every one in HD streaming video for you.

These 8 Samurai Stretches are tricky to value.....truth be told it cost me over $1,000 euro to attend the seminar I learnt them attend they can literally prevent some serious major illnesses....but let's say just: $15.95 for the heck of it....

Inclusion #4: Over 20 specific Laser Targeted Isometric Exercises.

seatchestpressThese are unique Isometric Exercises I developed to build near superhuman strength in the muscles, tendons and ligaments and turning the entire body into the purpose driven body of a warrior using a formula and strategy no one else knows - I'm the world's foremost expert and most published author in the field of Isometrics.

Again, I've included detailed text instructions and filmed each and every one in HD streaming video for you.

These 20 plus specific Laser Targeted Isometric Exercises are nearly priceless in value and have only be shown to my personal martial arts students, but realistically, this is what it would have cost to attend the classes and learn these from me, so they are valued at: $240

Inclusion #5: Construction Logs - How to Build Traditional Samurai Training Tools and Weaponry

The number one reason why I have included this in Samurai Strength Vol 2: Tanren is that this one practice and bonus video instruction is a key stone of the warrior's strength and resistance to injury - from feudal samurai to the founder of Aikido, this daily discipline is fantastic fun and deeply rewarding.

Again, I've included detailed text instructions and filmed each and every one in HD streaming video for you.

These construction files and drills are valued at: $39.99

Inclusion #6: Membership of Samurai Strength.

Vol 2 is just ONE volume from a masterwork of detailed training guides and programs covering the traditional Samurai training methods, nutrition and injury repair and rehabilitation along with modern Samurai Special Forces workouts and combat method. Each month a new edition is released and as a member of Samurai Strength you get each one for just $37.00 per month.

Samurai Strength is more than your typical fitness program. For one thing I am not going to just sell you a program abandon you. I'm here, with you, for the long haul. Samurai Strength contains over 30 volumes of detailed instruction, both comprehensive written programs and of course full HD Video downloads.

Each month I'm going to release a new volume. That volume will be available for download and purchase for 2-3 weeks only.

That's it.

Then it comes down. I won't make that volume available again for at least a year, maybe more as there is close to 30 volumes scheduled for release so it may be 2.5 years before that volume is released and there is a LOT of material to work through.

Here's a quick overview of what I'll be teaching you....

  • Samurai Isometrics - over 43 martial arts originated Isometrics designed not only to build muscle but insane levels of connective tissue strength.
  • Taren Conditioning exercises - A traditional Samurai workout and conditioning program with a big ass stick. Plus my Tanren Isometrics and stretching program.
  • Special Forces Modern Samurai Solo Conditioning drills - these are combined to create a comprehensive callisthenics exercises system used by special forces groups everywhere
  • Special Forces Stretching - Modern Samurai Stretching program for the combat ready warrior plus my back mobility Isometric stretching program.
  • Special Forces Modern Samurai Partner Conditioning drills - yep, get a workout biddy and lift them! I'll also show you some group activity and co-ordination techniques in this volume - some cool stuff, like how to search high walls for explosives and other awesome little tricks.
  • Advanced Arm Specific Isometrics - Close to 30 Individual Isometric Exercises for the arms utilising a traditional samurai tool that you can pick up and bring with you everywhere. Then there will be a volume for abs, back, chest and legs
  • Advanced Isometric Occlusion Training - this is off the charts insane level stuff. Dangerous in the wrong hands.
  • Injury Recovery - comprehensive guides for every body part, including, Isometrics, Joint mobility, pressure points, liniment, balm, plasters and herbal formula recipes and more. Example of the level of detail for this - the Neck guide is over 200 pages. smile emoticon I have one of these guides for the NECK, SHOULDER, BACK, HIPS, KNEES, ELBOWS, WRISTS, ANKLES and more.
  • Samurai Nutrition and Philosophy - probably the most important book I'll ever release in this series. Covers everything, how to live life, how to approach stress, trauma, joy etc how to deal with multiple life situations and all while focusing on Samurai and TCM nutrition. I'll even teach you how to identify illness and disease accurately and how to correctly fix this and prevent illness with your foods. Food is the THE best medicine and the port of first call in the treatment of disease according to TCM and the samurai physicians.....
  • And there's a WHOLE lot more.

An Exercise from Vol1 - yes my back is that wide and muscular

Shoulder Conditioning from my Special Forces training

Detailed Pressure Point Guides to Unlock Injury Recovery, Increases Strength, Stamina and more

Detailed Pressure Point Guides to Unlock Injury Recovery, Increases Strength, Stamina and more

Samurai Strength Vol.2: Tanren KEY FACTS:

So, just to recap:

Samurai Strength Vol. 2: Tanren

Over 20 of the Exact Specialized Exercises Used by the Samurai....$240

The 5 Specific Strengthening Exercises ..............................................$29.95

The 8 Samurai Stretches .....................................................................$15.95

Over 20 specific Laser Targeted Isometric Exercises.......................$240

How to Build Traditional Samurai Training Tools .............................$39.99

TOTAL PACKAGE ............ $565.89

But You Can Get all this for JUST

ONLY $57.00




I intend this to be "final" program as it were. I'm to cover literally everything I know and have been doing for the last 10 years.

Each volume will contain both video and manuals as appropriate and will go between $57-$67 per volume.

Each of the options below offers a subscription model at $37 per month. That way you get each and every volume at 35% off(saving $20 per volume). In addition you get bonus material and "mini- courses" (for instance proper sleep posture and then some fun stuff like, how the samurai slept and placed the swords for self defence while sleeping - and of course, how you can modify this to modern life - stuff not big enough to make a volume out of, but cool non the less).

That's the bronze level.

The silver level will cover a little bit more. Including a monthly 1-2 hours Q&A were I'll go through group questions on the previous month's material and answer any other questions.

Also you get to VOTE on the next volume released.

That's $47 pm so you're still saving money off each volume as my way of saying thanks for the loyalty and support.

The Gold level - is everything above + personal coaching from me. We'll do a monthly 1-on-1 Skype session as well as weekly support and I'll create a personalised training and nutritional program based on your goals.

This is FOR YOU $167 per month - which is INSANELY good value considering in person coaching with me is $1,000 per month). This is going to be strictly limited. Like, very limited. I've allocated 5 slots total for this. That's it.


I must say, after only two days, and two workouts less than 5 minutes I notice more definition than I have in the past two years of a combination of weight training, bodyweight training, and HIIT. I am 6'1" and 180Lbs, so I do not need to lose weight, but I am feeling things tighten up, have that flat stomach, and the weird thing is I don't need as much sleep.

I am blown away that you take the time to thoughtfully respond. I wll definitely tell all my friends about your program (after a few more weeks of results :O) ).I have probably spent ~$1000 or more on various e-books/equipment and have never had such an effective program and helpfulness.

Thank you.

- Ryan

Hey Paul,

Just wanted to thank you. After following your materials for a while I've come to the conclusion that you're a bit of a GENIUS when it comes to the workings of the human body!!!

I'm sure your competitors Pray daily that their customers never latch on to what you offer!  I'm going to re-visit your "7-Seconds" Isometric course (give it my full attention & intensity), and precisely document my progress (pics and everything), as to compare with what I've been doing the past 2 years.

- Samuel

Hi Paul,

Please let me start off by saying great program!  I really enjoy the exercises presented but what sets your course apart from all other isometric instruction I have seen is your instruction of HOW TO MAKE an isometric contraction. That little bit of info is pure gold.

Thanks for your course Paul....

- Nick

Hey Paul,

First off I just want to say thanks for the program, I've only been going 3 weeks so far and just feel hard muscles where I never did before. Thanks!

- Thomas

Dear Paul,

I am 50 years old and I am a Chinese Kempo black belt 3rd. Degree, and I am in beter shape than when I was 25 thanks to your e-book. I don't like weigths, I use only to test my strength and last month I did bench press with 140 KG 6 reps and curls with 70 KG 10 reps. I am very happy because I don't feel like 50, I feel (and I can do anything I want) like 25.

Thank you very much,

- Nilson

Hi Paul,

I've been following your program now for a couple of months. I haven't missed a day. I am definitely stronger than I've ever been in my life and my weight's down to where I wanted it. I'm 67 years old and have never put much stock in exercise before. I've come to realize for me it's now or never. I feel great and am feeling good about myself.  I wasn't severely overweight when I began. I started out at about 155 and now I'm at 135.

- Ron

You can have all this and more – this program will show you how. A perfect physique and perfect health can be yours, and not through hours of arduous training, but just minutes….

My Super Samurai Guarantee 

My No-Bogus-Promises But Just
An Iron-Clad, Risk-Free Guarantee

Don't just take my word for it.

You’ve seen the photos, read the case studies…so now check it out for yourself. I want you to test this information out at my expense. Because I believe this information can help you change your physique, improve your health and skyrocket your strength be you 20-90, man or woman. That's why I'm taking all the risk. I'm offering you a Zero-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Really, there's absolutely no risk on your part. If this program doesn't work for you, I'll buy the complete package back from you!

In fact, if you don't like the package for any reason, just delete and email me within 90 days and I will refund your purchase price immediately. No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings. And we part as friends. How's that?

I can do this because my customers are gaining muscle mass left and right!

This is NOT a book filled with "theories" and hype! Just Scientific fact, formula and the tried and tested techniques and exercises that have produced the amazing results you’ve seen.

It contains information that's easy to follow and actually works. I get flooded with testimonials almost every day from people who are changing their bodies and building strength FASTER than they ever thought possible. So if the program has worked for thousands of people, I'm confident it can work for you. I guarantee it.

If you're still unsure, don't decide now. I want you to grab your package today, read it, use it to create your own training routine or use one of my pre-set programs. I want you to give it an honest try.

If for any reason it either doesn't work for you, or you're NOT satisfied, let me know and I'll give you 100% of your money back. End of. You pay only if you get results! There's absolutely nothing to lose on your part.

So Let's Wrap This Up...

I am releasing this one of a kind course, that will show you the scientifically proven methods to get in incredible shape in just seconds, but there is a catch. This program will


Then it's gone for up to 2 and a half YEARS


This Volume is ONLY Available until Midnight Nov 25th.

Then it's gone. For at least 2 and a half years. Maybe even 3. If you want this New True Strength, Injury Proofing and Conditioning Program this is your shot.

Unlock the secret to incredible strength and injury resistance with the Samurai Strength Vol 2 today,

Paul 'Batman' O'Brien, B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Adv. Dip. OBB, Cert Clin. Med. Cert. CHM, M.AFPA, M.ETCMA, M.C.Th.A.

Creator of 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body, Project Dragon and Samurai Strength

Fitness, Martial arts and Health Advisor for Irish Fighter

Published in The Irish Independent, Irish Times, Evening Herald, Spine Magazine, Irish Fighter and seen on TV3's Ireland Am

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