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Special Ground-breaking Report by Paul 'Batman' O'Brien, B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Adv. Dip. OBB, Cert Clin. Med. Cert. CHM, M.AFPA, M.ETCMA, M.C.Th.A.

Creator of 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body, Project Dragon and Samurai Strength

Fitness, Martial arts and Health Advisor for Irish Fighter

Published in The Irish Independent, Irish Times, Evening Herald, Spine Magazine, Irish Fighter and seen on TV3's Ireland Am

Inside Samurai Strength: Secrets of the Special Forces you’ll…

  • Discover 72 Exercises Used by Special Forces Units Around the world, to be the leanest, strongest, fastest, fittest warriors on the planet and....
  • 11 Routines that Generate OVER 2.1 MILLION workouts. These are the same exercises used on by SEALS, MARINES, GSG9 and more. You can use the same training - No Experience Necessary - I've explained EVERYTHING.
  • Find Out How You Can Achieve A Special Forces Level of Fitness and Strength Quicker Than You Ever Thought Possible (workouts are under 5 mins!)
  • Easily Overcome Laziness, Weakness, Injury and a Lack of Time And Turn Samurai Strength: Secrets of the Special Forces Into The Best Investment You’ve Ever Made

This Volume is ONLY Available until Midnight Dec 23rd.

Then it's gone. For at least 2 and a half years. Maybe even 3. If you want the Strength, Injury Proofing and Conditioning Secrets of the World's Special Forces Units this is your shot.

What Others Are Saying About My Samurai Strength Program :

Finally Revealed: How You Can Get in Special Forces Shape Fast

Have you ever dreamed of being strong, supple and injury resistant? Of being that strong, sure, unstoppable and confident hero?

If you have, you are not alone.

In fact, I had a dream just like yours and over the past few decades I’ve been able to achieve and live that dream.

It was harder than you would think to achieve. Only the very best soldiers in the world get access to the training of the Elite Special Forces units. For a civilian like you and me - no chance. These training techniques, to take men and women and turn them into real life superheroes are closely guarded military secrets.

After studying traditional martial arts for nearly a decade I was confronted with something horrifying. Despite being highly trained, studying Karate from a young age....I still didn't know how to confront real world violence. The truth is traditional martial arts don't adequately train people for real world violence – the situations that would require martial arts and self defence just aren’t addressed. That annoys a lot of people. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy traditional martial arts, I do and have trained in them for nearly 30 years now. But it won’t prepare you for violence and it sure ain’t something I would rely on to save my life.

Riot Training with members of the British Armed Response Groups
Riot Training with members of the British Armed Response Groups

So I looked at Reality Based systems – and yes, they prepare you for social violence. Notice that term, it’s very important – SOCIAL violence. By this I mean, many reality based systems, including the ones I teach, prepare you brilliantly for social situations where you made need to defend yourself – the pub fight, the road rage incident, even in some extremes like an armed robbery.  These are all situations where, people may come to blows, intimidate one another but in essence are communicating – they don’t really want to kill each other. And that’s great – to be honest for a long time I thought that would be enough. I was accomplished in pre and post conflict, combat and self defence, I knew how to punch and kick, knew how to use lethal and non lethal force, defend and justify my actions in court, etc. All very important skills and one’s that I still feel are very much worthy of study and development.


In the back of my head there was always a small niggling doubt. Sure I had faith and confidence in the techniques and principals I knew, knew they worked, and sure they had saved my life in the past, but at the same time part of my new that I was lucky. There was always the “what if”?

What if they guys I was being attacked by couldn’t be stopped? What if this was someone asocial psychopath that couldn’t be reasoned with. What if there was no communication – if he just wanted to kill me because that was his reality. What if this was the big bad unspeakable terror that I could unload an extinguisher of mace into and he’d keep coming. What if it was the guy that could be stabbed 60 times and still keep coming? What if it was the guy that could be shot and it didn’t stop him? What if?

Now that might seem completely farfetched to you.  If you shoot a guy he’ll go down. If you burn his eyes out with mace or pepper spray he’ll curl up screaming as he claws at his eyes. If you stab someone the fight’s over.  As a student and instructor of reality based systems I’ve spent hundreds of hours watching footage that would show those assumptions are complete rubbish. And YouTube just makes it easier to access this. Where I once had friends in the American prison service or former students in the police and military services send me the occasional example – YouTube and the net is simply incredible, real violence is only a mouse click away.

I have watched in absolute horror as I’ve seen patrol officers fire point blank, skin to muzzle into assailants and criminals. And the criminals keep coming. They don’t even slow down. And they beat those officers to death with their bare hands. I’ve seen skinny 4 foot nothing guys take full cans of mace and not stop stitching the guy they are attacking with a prison made knife.  They are out there. Those monsters exist. And while my training has prepared me for the ego driven idiots most people are likely to be attacked by (here’s a hint, don’t go there, back down, walk away, hand it over – your ego isn’t really important).  But that’s a social situation– there’s that term again, people establishing their position in some primitive and pointless pecking order. But the what if wouldn’t go away.

Learning how to choke and garrotte people during Improvised Weapons Training with members of the British Services
Learning how to choke and garrotte during Improvised Weapons Training

Would I be able to stop an asocial monster without remorse, hesitation, or fear? Could I stop the guy that can’t be stopped?

I couldn’t.

So I went looking for someone who could. And who could teach me to do the same. I found my answers in studying with the instructors to various Special Forces groups, in particular with one Special Warfare Intelligence Officer for the Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command (the Admiral in charge of all SEAL Teams).

There is an allure to the Special Forces. An image built through popular culture of a modern day Super Soldier. We see guys like Jason Bourne, James Bond, Jack Bauer, Ethan Hunt, capable of dealing with anything. They don't get scared, the can fight in extreme circumstances, they have special knowledge and training that sets them apart from everyone else. They are the best of the best...

Training under the instructors to Special Forces Units I Learned How They Overcome Fatigue, Injury, Pain and Weakness. How they Become Strong, Fit and Unstoppable. Now I Want to Teach it to YOU !

Those serving in the Special Forces are men and women. Like you and me. No special powers. Just a will and a mindset that is centuries old and can be found in every elite fighting force from the Spartans at the battle of Thermopylae, to the Samurai of feudal Japan. I wanted to know how to develop THAT MINDSET. I wanted to know the secret behind their training techniques that would develop that body, the unstoppable, strong, fit, enduring, injury and pain resistant physique of the ultimate action hero. I wanted to know what needs to happen to go past the point where everyone else quits.

That right there is the key to the incredible abilities of the special forces. They keep going past the point where everyone else quits.

Real world conflict doesn't actually require much physical ability beyond running. You don't even have to be a fast runner, just faster than the slowest guy with you. Because when faced with violence you should run. Don't be last and you'll likely survive.

The armed forces however don't have that luxury. They have to stand and fight. In terms of personal combat most fights are over very very quickly. I'm not talking about the social interactions the ego driven pub flight and brawl...they'll go on till someone is too tired to hold up their hands. That's sport in many ways. A real fight, real violence, 30 seconds, maybe a minute tops. Then someone's dead, dying or crippled. Hopefully, with the right training that isn't you.

But the Special Forces, as the Samurai did, do not deal with single conflict. They dealt with long term military engagement. They needed endurance for long marches with heavy equipment. They need to maintain muscle strength without fatigue for prolonged periods of time in total stillness. They need to be able to carry a fellow comrade in arms, with both their gear on. They need to be resistant to injury.

This requires strength, physical endurance stamina, and flexibility. This is why the Special Forces get fit. And to enforce a mindset of never giving up. It's the same as every top athlete. You build the body to serve your goals, to further the mind. As a martial artist I do the same. As a warrior I do the same.

I spent years travelling the world, paying out huge sums of money, and training with the best Special Forces instructors. One instructor, Jim Wagner, taught me the training methods of:

French Foreign Legion Crawl

  • The Peruvian National Police
  • The Tokyo Riot Police
  • The German GSG9 Special Forces Unit
  • The US Marines
  • The Green Berets
  • The British SAS
  • The French Foreign Legion
  • SWAT Teams
  • US Navy SEALS
  • And many more...

The good news for you is you don’t have to go through this struggle. You don't have to find these instructors, don't have to beg them to train you, don't have to suffer through gruelling initiations and gauntlets. I can show you HOW you can SKIP over all the troubles and problems that others have faced.

That’s exactly what Samurai Strength: Secrets of the Special Forces is built to do.

Included with Samurai Strength: Secrets of the Special Forces are:

  • Over 72 of the EXACT Exercises used in Special Forces Training Units Around the World as taught to me by Sgt. Jim Wagner (Instructor: U.S. Marshals, FBI, SWAT, US Army Military Police, US Marines etc)
  • Over 11 detailed workout Routines that I developed to PROVIDE YOU with over 2.1 million possible workouts. You LITERALLY will NEVER need to repeat a workout again. Ever workout for the rest of your life is unique.
  • Proven, Reliable Strength Training Backed by Millions in Military Spending on Research that enables you to reach the Pinnacle of Human Performance and Join the Elite in Record Time
  • Cost Effective And Highly Efficient Full Body Training which drives you to success faster
  • Laser Targeted Exercises Using A Formula And Strategy No One Else Knows
  • Exercises DESIGNED to bullet-proof you from Injury
  • Over 100 HD images and over 40 Highly Detailed Instructional Videos

Samurai Strength has been tested with a select few, lucky, qualified and highly
successful customers. From this testing group we Have Hundreds Of Satisfied
Customers, Here’s What They are Saying:


This Volume is ONLY Available until Midnight Dec 23rd.

I am going to be direct, to the point and short.  Normally you read those marketing sales pages and they talk about some kind of “false scarcity”…

…It’s a tactic those use to get you to BUY NOW rather than to procrastinate and go about your ways.

In fact, it’s this scarcity and impulse to act that’s one of the driving successes behind Samurai Strength ...more about that later…

…But today I am not going to try and create some false scarcity.  I am just going to lay down the facts for you.

FACT:   Build Strength Through Movement the Same Way the Special Forces Units Around the World do and Become Strong, Powerful and Injury Resistant

FACT:   Build Near Superhuman Levels of Fitness FAST

FACT: There are limited amount of people that can use this product successfully so we have limited the number of people who can purchase this product.

FACT: There is a definite end date to this promotion.  As you read on you’ll see how ridiculous the price is and when you do, then realize I can’t run at a loss like this for long.

So the facts are that this offer is LIMITED both in NUMBER and LENGTH OF OFFER.  You either act NOW and act FAST or you give it up for good.

There are no second chances here.

Do You Want to Know Why The Special Forces Are the Strongest and Fittest of the Elite and Remain Injury Free While You Are Still Failing?

Well, If you've tried to get strong and powerful

OR if you've gotten tripped up in all of the steps, and haven't managed to even get a true start ...

OR if you can't stop the niggling injuries...

...then you are not alone…

In fact if you’ve:

  •  Lifted Weights
  • Hit the 1 hour Boxercise class
  • Subscribed to these "Insanity Style programs"
  • Signed up and Sweated in Yoga Class
  • Or Worse joined a Crossfit "cult"

Then you already know the answer:

Conventional Strength and Fitness

= Injury and Weakness   

Don't waste your time and money on useless tools & strategies that get no results.

The Special Forces instructors I have trained with around the world, use a Simple, Traditional and Centuries Old Proven Methods that keeps us laser-focused on what we do and guarantees the success of all our strength and fitness training.

….Did you see that “GUARANTEED SUCCESS”  ...You just can’t beat that.

Before I go any further I want stop for a moment and teach you something…

…I want you to know that this is just a SMALL TASTE of what I have for you…


This is the Tokyo Riot Police Pushup as taught to me by Sgt Jim Wagner as part of my certification in Conflict Conditioning . This drill is a killer. It works on several fronts, the push up aspect builds strength, the movement from a standing position to a prone position taxes the cardiovascular system, the frantic nature trains reflexes and the opening positions develops key flexibility of the hamstrings.

And this is a key element of theses workouts - they are MULTI-PURPOSE in nature. You'll build strength, use Isometric and Iso-tonic movements, build balance, work on multiple planes of movement and develop incredible cardiovascular health.

…You see, the Special Forces need to maintain constant operation readiness. They can't afford to be unfit or injured. When you were a professional soldier, obligated to be ready at a moment's notice to be combat ready, willing to give your all, even your very life, you could not risk being injured through training! What good is a man who can't fight because he screwed up in his training?

This training is designed to prepare the body for the rigours of conflict, it was designed to make you strong and to teach you to endure in any situation you may be faced with on the field of battle, it was a philosophy of combat and mind or preparation - and their training methods had to do 2 VERY important things.....

So if you want to achieve real success, if you want to be strong enough to deal with anything life throws at you, physically and mentally, if you want to learn to endure then you need to master not only this BUT do so using two key methods...

1. Develop Strength in EVERY Range of Motion while under Load

It's not enough to have big muscles - without the strength of the connective tissue, the tendons and the ligaments you don't have real strength - those muscles are for show only and a devastating injury waiting to happen. Just watch -

Triple H, a HUGE monster of a man tore his quad right off his leg - WALKING - because the muscles, built through weight lifting were overdeveloped and he had not built the strength in his connective tissue to support that muscle. He tore it straight off the bone.

But that's not an isolated incident. Guys like this, routinely tear muscles off their bones in simple movements.

Sure, Triple H is huge - intimidating with his size, but walking tears his huge muscles from his weak connection to the bone and he's crippled. On the field of battle, in true life and death combat he'd be a liability. Worse he'd be dead. For all that muscle, it's only for show, not true functional strength.

Special Forces units train their muscles, tendons, ligaments, internal organs and minds to bear the rigours of life and death, combat and constant brutal warfare. Using the methods they passed on you will develop:

  • Real world strength - not just massive muscle but the strength of the structure, sinews, tendons and ligaments...
  • Making you injury resistant
  • And able to use your strength in any fashion and in any situation

2. Endurance

This doesn't mean you'll be better at running a marathon (you will actually). What I am talking about is the endurance of mind and body, the Mind and Body of the Special Forces Elite.

What good is speed, what good is power, if you have nothing left in the tank and you’re heading into round 6…? When all you have is the will, one must also learn to endure…and if nothing else - that was the greatest lesson I was taught in all my years training. To endure.

Israeli Special Forces Boiler Room Drill
Israeli Special Forces Boiler Room Drill

When I was carrying huge logs up soggy earthed mountains, when I was training the Isometric Kata for upwards to 20 repetitions, when I was put in the Israeli YAMAM Boiler Room Drill during Conflict Conditioning, when I faced the Bullring drill in Shotokan fighting a seemingly never ending stream of opponents, till I couldn't feel the impact anymore, till I couldn't move my limbs anymore and I kept going, when I was doing the HUNDREDS of repetitions of the exercises taught in this volume - I learned - endure.

And there are different types of endurance needed for the battles of life and these exercises teach and unify all three.....

  1. Muscular endurance: The ability to continue to relax and contract the muscles for extended periods of time. As we use the muscles the various fibres fatigue and in addition to this we could add, physical endurance, the ability of the body (muscles) to withstand trauma be it from, impact of strikes, throws or joint locks.
  2. Cardiovascular endurance: The ability of the heart and lungs to circulate oxygen and blood to the muscles and to maintain a heart rate that supports continued activity, in other words high effort, without a high intense heart rate.
  3. Mental endurance: The most important of - without this the others are undermined, their lugs cut from underneath the. This is the ability to psychologically keep going, maintaining focus and attention. I was always partial to how Rocky summed this up -

"The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place It will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me or nobody is going to hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much can you take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!"

Rocky Balboa

It is not enough to be physically strong; we must learn to be mentally strong, to endure - to be tough. Founder of MovNat, Erwan Le Corre, said, “Some people with great muscular strength may lack toughness and easily crumble when circumstances become too challenging. On the other hand, some people with no particularly great muscular strength may be very tough, i.e., capable of overcoming stressful, difficult situations or environments.

He's not wrong. I see guys in the shared dojo we train, huge muscular guys with mean faces, look terrified as I walk over grit stone floors barefoot. Or pick up barbells without gloves. Sure they can put up big numbers and they look intimidating, but ask them to move out of their comfort zone and the crumble.

The focus of this volume is to maximise the muscle strength, the strength of the connective tissues and fascia and maximise the efficiency of the cardiovascular output of the heart all while building the mind into a razor sharp steel blade of focus and discipline. At the same time we'll move in all three planes of motion, utilise different strength mechanics of the body and develop balance and coordination.

In just minutes from now YOU could be using THESE PILLARS for GUARANTEED Success to Build a Body a Mind of TRUE STRENGTH and WITHOUT the Risk of Reoccurring Injury …

…The ENTIRE Samurai Strength Vol.3 Secrets of the Special Forces program that I’ve created for you is based on these 2 pillars.

When you invest in Samurai Strength Vol. 3 today you’ll receive:

Inclusion #1: Over 73 of the Exact Specialized Exercises Used by the Special Forces based on my certification in Conflict Conditioning.

These exercises, some unique to specific countries and programs and not shown anywhere else  develop strength in EVERY range of motion and conditions your connective tissue for full body strength and power.

I've included detailed text instructions and filmed each and every one in HD streaming video for you.

These Special Forces Drills are valued at well $1500 (given the cost of the training I received, not including, time, flights the price of training itself)

Inclusion #2: 11 Tried and Tested Routines  - OVER 2.1 Million Workouts

The Spetsnaz Squat Kick

It's not just enough to teach you these exercises. I'm going to share with you the exact routines and program construction I developed and use to generate a never ending cycle of new workouts.

The most basic routine produces 13,500 possible workouts. That means if you use this system 5 days a week and NEVER repeat a workout, you'll never do the same workout again in 50 years of continuous training.

One of the other routines generates over 2.1 MILLION possible unique workouts. That is not a joke or an exaggeration. There are literally SEVERAL lifetimes of workouts in this program. You will never do the same workout twice, unless you want to.

I've included detailed text instructions for 11 of these routines, beginners all the way through to advanced.

These Routines are valued at: $39.95 (That said, I honestly struggled to price this one - I mean it's over 2.1 million workout programs....that's, how do you even start pricing that?)

Inclusion #3: Membership of Samurai Strength.

Samurai Strength: Secrets of the Special Forces is just ONE volume from a masterwork of detailed training guides and programs covering the traditional training methods, medicine, nutrition and injury repair and rehabilitation along with modern workouts and combat methods. Each month a new edition is released and as a member of Samurai Strength you get each one for just $37.00 per month.

Samurai Strength is more than your typical fitness program. For one thing I am not going to just sell you a program abandon you. I'm here, with you, for the long haul. Samurai Strength contains over 30 volumes of detailed instruction, both comprehensive written programs and of course full HD Video downloads.

Each month I'm going to release a new volume. That volume will be available for download and purchase for 2-3 weeks only.

That's it.

Then it comes down. I won't make that volume available again for at least a year, maybe more as there is close to 30 volumes scheduled for release so it may be 2.5 years before that volume is released and there is a LOT of material to work through.

Here's a quick overview of what I'll be teaching you....

  • Samurai Isometrics - over 43 martial arts originated Isometrics designed not only to build muscle but insane levels of connective tissue strength.
  • Taren Conditioning exercises - A traditional Samurai workout and conditioning program with a big ass stick. Plus my Tanren Isometrics and stretching program.
  • Special Forces Modern Samurai Solo Conditioning drills - these are combined to create a comprehensive callisthenics exercises system used by special forces groups everywhere
  • Special Forces Stretching - Modern Samurai Stretching program for the combat ready warrior plus my back mobility Isometric stretching program.
  • Special Forces Modern Samurai Partner Conditioning drills - yep, get a workout biddy and lift them! I'll also show you some group activity and co-ordination techniques in this volume - some cool stuff, like how to search high walls for explosives and other awesome little tricks.
  • Advanced Arm Specific Isometrics - Close to 30 Individual Isometric Exercises for the arms utilising a traditional samurai tool that you can pick up and bring with you everywhere. Then there will be a volume for abs, back, chest and legs
  • Advanced Isometric Occlusion Training - this is off the charts insane level stuff. Dangerous in the wrong hands.
  • Injury Recovery - comprehensive guides for every body part, including, Isometrics, Joint mobility, pressure points, liniment, balm, plasters and herbal formula recipes and more. Example of the level of detail for this - the Neck guide is over 200 pages. smile emoticon I have one of these guides for the NECK, SHOULDER, BACK, HIPS, KNEES, ELBOWS, WRISTS, ANKLES and more.
  • Samurai Nutrition and Philosophy - probably the most important book I'll ever release in this series. Covers everything, how to live life, how to approach stress, trauma, joy etc how to deal with multiple life situations and all while focusing on Samurai and TCM nutrition. I'll even teach you how to identify illness and disease accurately and how to correctly fix this and prevent illness with your foods. Food is the THE best medicine and the port of first call in the treatment of disease according to TCM and the samurai physicians.....
  • And there's a WHOLE lot more.

An Exercise from Vol1 - yes my back is that wide and muscular

Shoulder Conditioning from my Special Forces training

Detailed Pressure Point Guides to Unlock Injury Recovery, Increases Strength, Stamina and more

Detailed Pressure Point Guides to Unlock Injury Recovery, Increases Strength, Stamina and more

Samurai Strength: Secrets of the Special Forces KEY FACTS:

So, just to recap:

Samurai Strength Vol. 2: Tanren

Over 73 of the Exact Specialized Exercises Used by the Special Forces....$1,500

The 11 Specific Special Forces Routines...... ..............................................$39.95


TOTAL PACKAGE ............ $1539.99

But You Can Get all this for

ONLY $57.00




I intend this to be "final" program as it were. I'm to cover literally everything I know and have been doing for the last 10 years.

Each volume will contain both video and manuals as appropriate and will go between $57-$67 per volume.

Each of the options below offers a subscription model at $37 per month. That way you get each and every volume at 35% off(saving $20 per volume). In addition you get bonus material and "mini- courses" (for instance proper sleep posture and then some fun stuff like, how the samurai slept and placed the swords for self defence while sleeping - and of course, how you can modify this to modern life - stuff not big enough to make a volume out of, but cool non the less).

That's the bronze level.

The silver level will cover a little bit more. Including a monthly 1-2 hours Q&A were I'll go through group questions on the previous month's material and answer any other questions.

Also you get to VOTE on the next volume released.

That's $47 pm so you're still saving money off each volume as my way of saying thanks for the loyalty and support.

The Gold level - is everything above + personal coaching from me. We'll do a monthly 1-on-1 Skype session as well as weekly support and I'll create a personalised training and nutritional program based on your goals.

This is FOR YOU $167 per month - which is INSANELY good value considering in person coaching with me is $1,000 per month). This is going to be strictly limited. Like, very limited. I've allocated 5 slots total for this. That's it.


I must say, after only two days, and two workouts less than 5 minutes I notice more definition than I have in the past two years of a combination of weight training, bodyweight training, and HIIT. I am 6'1" and 180Lbs, so I do not need to lose weight, but I am feeling things tighten up, have that flat stomach, and the weird thing is I don't need as much sleep.

I am blown away that you take the time to thoughtfully respond. I wll definitely tell all my friends about your program (after a few more weeks of results :O) ).I have probably spent ~$1000 or more on various e-books/equipment and have never had such an effective program and helpfulness.

Thank you.

- Ryan

Hey Paul,

Just wanted to thank you. After following your materials for a while I've come to the conclusion that you're a bit of a GENIUS when it comes to the workings of the human body!!!

I'm sure your competitors Pray daily that their customers never latch on to what you offer!  I'm going to re-visit your "7-Seconds" Isometric course (give it my full attention & intensity), and precisely document my progress (pics and everything), as to compare with what I've been doing the past 2 years.

- Samuel

Hi Paul,

Please let me start off by saying great program!  I really enjoy the exercises presented but what sets your course apart from all other isometric instruction I have seen is your instruction of HOW TO MAKE an isometric contraction. That little bit of info is pure gold.

Thanks for your course Paul....

- Nick

Hey Paul,

First off I just want to say thanks for the program, I've only been going 3 weeks so far and just feel hard muscles where I never did before. Thanks!

- Thomas

Dear Paul,

I am 50 years old and I am a Chinese Kempo black belt 3rd. Degree, and I am in beter shape than when I was 25 thanks to your e-book. I don't like weigths, I use only to test my strength and last month I did bench press with 140 KG 6 reps and curls with 70 KG 10 reps. I am very happy because I don't feel like 50, I feel (and I can do anything I want) like 25.

Thank you very much,

- Nilson

Hi Paul,

I've been following your program now for a couple of months. I haven't missed a day. I am definitely stronger than I've ever been in my life and my weight's down to where I wanted it. I'm 67 years old and have never put much stock in exercise before. I've come to realize for me it's now or never. I feel great and am feeling good about myself.  I wasn't severely overweight when I began. I started out at about 155 and now I'm at 135.

- Ron

You can have all this and more – this program will show you how. A perfect physique and perfect health can be yours, and not through hours of arduous training, but just minutes….

My Super Samurai Guarantee 

My No-Bogus-Promises But Just
An Iron-Clad, Risk-Free Guarantee

Don't just take my word for it.

You’ve seen the photos, read the case studies…so now check it out for yourself. I want you to test this information out at my expense. Because I believe this information can help you change your physique, improve your health and skyrocket your strength be you 20-90, man or woman. That's why I'm taking all the risk. I'm offering you a Zero-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Really, there's absolutely no risk on your part. If this program doesn't work for you, I'll buy the complete package back from you!

In fact, if you don't like the package for any reason, just delete and email me within 90 days and I will refund your purchase price immediately. No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings. And we part as friends. How's that?

I can do this because my customers are gaining muscle mass left and right!

This is NOT a book filled with "theories" and hype! Just Scientific fact, formula and the tried and tested techniques and exercises that have produced the amazing results you’ve seen.

It contains information that's easy to follow and actually works. I get flooded with testimonials almost every day from people who are changing their bodies and building strength FASTER than they ever thought possible. So if the program has worked for thousands of people, I'm confident it can work for you. I guarantee it.

If you're still unsure, don't decide now. I want you to grab your package today, read it, use it to create your own training routine or use one of my pre-set programs. I want you to give it an honest try.

If for any reason it either doesn't work for you, or you're NOT satisfied, let me know and I'll give you 100% of your money back. End of. You pay only if you get results! There's absolutely nothing to lose on your part.

So Let's Wrap This Up...

I am releasing this one of a kind course, that will show you the scientifically proven methods to get in incredible shape in just seconds, but there is a catch. This program will


Then it's gone for up to 2 and a half YEARS


This Volume is ONLY Available until Midnight Dec 23rd.

Then it's gone. For at least 2 and a half years. Maybe even 3. If you want this New True Strength, Injury Proofing and Conditioning Program this is your shot.

Unlock the secret to incredible strength and injury resistance with the Samurai Strength: Secrets of the Special Forces today,

Paul 'Batman' O'Brien, B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Adv. Dip. OBB, Cert Clin. Med. Cert. CHM, M.AFPA, M.ETCMA, M.C.Th.A.

Creator of 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body, Project Dragon and Samurai Strength

Fitness, Martial arts and Health Advisor for Irish Fighter

Published in The Irish Independent, Irish Times, Evening Herald, Spine Magazine, Irish Fighter and seen on TV3's Ireland Am

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